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Wintec saddles are the world leader in synthetic

by:ER Bottle     2020-07-27
Being synthetic, the Wintec saddles are easy to care for. They do not demand the same amount of maintenance as leather saddles and hence are ideal for horse owners and riders who lack time, or those who would prefer to be out in the saddle rather than in the tack room saddle soaping! Simply clean the saddle using water and synthetic saddle cleaner, available in an easy to use spray bottle. Wintec saddles are 'weatherproof' and hence can be used in all weathers without damaging the outer material or the inside features of the saddles. As a result of being made from man-made, synthetic materials, the Wintec saddles are less expensive than equivalent leather saddles without compromising on features and benefits. This means they are perfect for the horse owner on a budget, or those riders who are looking for a second saddle. Wintec saddles are lightweight, and hence easy to carry, making them perfect for children. This reduced weight also makes the saddles more comfortable for the horse - a distinct advantage for young horses and sports horses, particularly in jumping classes. One of the key features of Wintec saddles is the Easy-Change Gullet System. This allows the width of the saddle to be quickly and easily changed without the need for a saddler. This enables the saddle to be customised to fit your horse. Simply use the Wintec gullet gauge to find the correct gullet width for your horse. This system also allows you to change the width of the saddle as your horse's shape changes, which is common in young horses and even as the seasons change. Equally this means that the saddle to be used for more than one horse, further reducing your saddlery costs. To add to this, as with other saddles, Wintec saddles can be further adjusted by a qualified saddle fitter. Some Wintec saddles are fitted with the Cair cushion panel system. This is a patented system exclusive to the Wintec synthetic saddles and the Bates leather saddles that replaces the standard panel fillings with air filled panels. These air panels are more fluid and move with the horse's muscles, thus encouraging the horse to relax and engage, whilst improving the communication between horse and rider for ultimate comfort and performance. The adjustable flexibloc system enables the rider to be able to customise their thigh and knee support to help their riding and comfort in the saddle. A wide range of Wintec accessories can also be purchased to be used with your Wintec saddle. These include stirrup leathers, girths and saddle bags. There are also many replaceable features on Wintec saddles; these include girth straps and buckle guards.
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