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why americans keep hitting the bottle (of water)

by:ER Bottle     2020-01-11
Once indulged once in a while, bottled water quickly became the preferred drink in the United States.
According to the Beverage Marketing Company, per capita consumption in the United States now exceeds 132 liters of bottled water per year.
This is about 270 bottles, more than twice the amount of alcohol people drank 15 years ago.
Americans are expected to drink an average of about 2017 bottles a year, up to 300.
In the long run, considering the next two years, bottled water is expected to surpass pop as the most consumed packaged beverage in the United States.
\"It\'s not a question of whether it\'s going to happen, it\'s when it\'s going to happen.
We \'ve seen this happen in about two years, \"said Gary Hemphill, general manager of Beverage Marketing Research.
Bottled water is becoming more and more popular, especially in a rich country, which is a sensitive topic. Sustainable-
Water activists lament that billions of bottles are used each year as an example of an American excess. But bottled-
Water makers promote their products as a healthy alternative to sugary drinks and say it is a safer option for those living in areas where there is no clean tap water.
Because Americans like these things, their message seems to be conveyed.
Some potential trends stand out in the surge in bottled beer
Water sales: first, the improvement of health awareness, which is no less helpful to bottled water than to pop.
\"Consumers see this as a healthy drink alternative,\" Hemphill said . \".
The second is the prevalence of options.
\"If you grow up in your 70 s and want to drink something cool, you will have a carbonated soft drink because there are not many other options,\" Hemphill said . \".
\"But there\'s a lot of bottled water in the center right now.
Bottled water is also sold in the throat of Americans.
To distinguish between a product that is inherently hard to distinguish, the industry has bombarded consumers with a large number of clever activities that depict exotic spring
Stay away from the mountains and fresh, untapped natural currents.
But maybe bottled water is more convenient than anything else.
Supermarkets, cafes and convenience stores are available.
Convenient, but environmental problems.
The empty water bottles did not disappear into the air. “The bottled-
The water industry is correct but misleading to say that the plastic that comes in is recyclable, \"said Peter Glick, director of the Pacific Research Institute and author of several books on bottled water.
\"It\'s misleading because the recyclable stuff is not the same as the recycled one.
According to Gleick\'s estimate, only about the third bottle of bottled water consumed in the United States is recycled, meaning about two bottles
People in their thirties are finally in the garbage.
\"There is no comparison with the environmental footprint of bottled water,\" he added . \".
\"Of course, the plastic footprint is the same as other drinks packed in bottles.
But this is not true, because for bottled water, the alternative is not soda, but tap water.
The environmental footprint of bottled water greatly exceeds the environmental footprint of cheap and expensive bottled water.
Premium tap water.
Not even close.
\"According to the Pacific Research Institute, as of 2006, 3 liters of water were required to produce 1 liter of bottled water.
In other words, before including the energy needed to produce the actual bottle --
The important thing is
Bottled water is already three times more efficient than unpacked bottled water.
Gleick says it\'s important not to ignore the existence of irrational fears people have about their taps.
They don\'t know how good the water is.
The bacteria that tap water faces in cities are much more stringent than any water.
Bottle companies across the country face.
A quarter of all bottled water comes from taps.
Gleick said: \"It\'s amazing for me, in a country where we have cheap, very safe, and the sales of bottled water continue to grow, basically everyone can get very reliable tap water.
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