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When considering an abortion, it is important

by:ER Bottle     2020-06-12
Machine Vacuum Aspiration Abortion Procedure The vacuum aspiration abortion procedure is done from five to twelve weeks after conception. This is the exact same time frame as the manual procedure. The vacuum aspiration is relatively quick though, as it is generally only takes anywhere from five to fifteen minutes to complete, and is done in a standard medical office or clinic. Right before the procedure begins, a cervical dilator is generally inserted into the cervix in order to slowly dilate the area. This is done either a day before or a few hours before, in order to give enough room for the vacuum aspiration to proceed. Pain medication might also be provided both orally or intravenously, depending on the patient and the doctor. If medication is used, and what type, is up to the discretion of the medical staff on hand. During the procedure, a speculum is inserted and the cervix is cleaned with an antiseptic and numbed. The uterus is then held with a specialty toll designed to grasp hold of the cervix and then a hollow tube is inserted into the cervix, which is attached to a bottle and pump on the exterior end of the tube. Once in place and both the women and the medical staff is ready, the pump is turned on to create a slight vacuum, which removes the tissue out of the uterus. After the entire procedure is complete, the women might feel a bit of cramping, faint or even nauseous, all of which are rather common after the procedure. Slight bleeding for up to two weeks after the procedure is often a common occurrence. Manual Aspiration Abortion Procedure Like the machine vacuum procedure, this is done during the first five to twelve weeks after conception and only lasts about five to fifteen minutes. During the procedure, the doctor uses a hand-held syringe in order to create a suction effect, similar to what occurs with the vacuum procedure, only there is no external machine used. To begin the procedure, the doctor inserts a speculum into the female, and then the cervix is numbed with local anesthetics, in order to prevent most pain. A plastic dilator is often used to help open up the cervix, in order to make it easier for the doctor to see. A thin tube is inserted into the cervix with a hand held syringe attached to the base of the tube. The doctor then uses the tube to create suction and remove the tissue. At the completion of the procedure, the same side effects are possible, ranging from cramping, feeling faint to nausea. Bleeding might also occur for the next few weeks, and sexual activity as well as the use of tampons is typically avoided for a week or two after the procedure. When it comes to abortions, there are three general methods, two of which are aspiration abortion while the other is done through a bill up to the first five weeks. Regardless of how it is done, it is a very difficult decision made by the women and it is important for her to take in all available knowledge and consult with an experienced physician before making any decisions.
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