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What is the vacuum

by:ER Bottle     2020-05-26
Vacuum generally refers to stainless steel vacuum flask. The interlayer is generally vacuum, the purpose is to prevent heat conduction. Mezzanine general vacuum cup there are many layers, it is vacuum, prevent heat conduction, and electrolysis process, so you can stop thermal radiation. Some lid with a cork, also to prevent heat conduction. In use process to avoid collision and impact, so as not to touch the bad or plastic cup body, cause insulation failure or leakage. Tighten the screw the strength should be appropriate, don't force rotating, so as to avoid screw failure. Often drink coffee, tea or drinks, the tank will change color this is normal phenomenon, a toothbrush with toothpaste can be cleared. For a long time do not use the deposit need to clean up. Note: 1, vacuum insulation simple identification method: pour boiling water into vacuum cup within 2 - clockwise to tighten the cork or lid Touch a cup outside surface after 3 minutes, if there is a obvious phenomenon of warm cup body, the product has lost vacuum degree, cannot achieve good heat preservation effect. 2, sealing performance recognition method: after a cup of water, tighten the cork and lid clockwise, put the cup on the desktop, should be no water leakage; Close the lid and screw should be flexible, no gaps. 3, plastic accessories identification method: the characteristics of the new food-grade plastic smell is small, the surface light, no burr, long service life is not easy to aging. Ordinary plastic or recycled plastic smell great, colour and lustre is the feature of gray, burr, plastic aging more easy to fracture. 4, capacity, simple and easy method of identification, the depth of the tank and the height of the casing, ( A difference of 16 - 18毫米) Capacity and the nominal value. Some poor quality of vacuum in the cup to add sand, concrete to compensate for the loss of weight. Myth: cup ( Pot) The heavier is not necessarily good. 5 simple identification method, stainless steel material: stainless steel material specifications, 18/8 said the stainless steel material composition containing 18% chromium, nickel containing 8%, achieve this standard material, accord with national food grade standards are green environmental protection product, the product rust and corrosion resistance. Ordinary stainless steel cup body rendering Bai Hefa dark hair color, if in a concentration of 1% saline soak after 24 hours can produce rusty spot, its part of the element to exceed bid, directly endanger human body health.
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