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watch sidney crosby accidentally throw a water bottle on the ice during play

by:ER Bottle     2020-01-16
The fifth game of the Stanley Cup final on Thursday was an extraordinary game for Sidney Crosby.
The Penguins not only won three assists, but also added a chapter to his competition with P. K.
He also took part in the bullring.
In the second stage of the blowout, a water bottle flew from the Penguin bench and landed on the ice during the competition.
The replay later revealed that Crosby was responsible and when he called on officials to call for punishment from predator defender Matthias Ekholm, he sent the bottle to the ice.
Soon after, the Pens scored a ball, so the water bottle never really interfered with the game, and andrcrosby was lucky enough to get away with the accident without a stoppage and a penalty. (
Overall, he was a very lucky man on Thursday. )
Is Crosby really going to throw the bottle on the ice to protest?
It depends who you ask.
If it\'s Crosby, the answer is-of course --is no.
At least he told the officials afterwards.
It is worth noting that the throw was made on the left side of Crosby (off)
It looks like it might have slipped out of his hand, so it could have been an accident.
But he also swings his arms forward and let the bottle go and follow a little bit
Who knows exactly? !
Anyway, it\'s a damn water bottle that doesn\'t affect the game at all, so who cares?
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