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warning over heaters, hot water bottles

by:ER Bottle     2020-01-14
Has warned parents of heaters that can light children\'s clothing and hot water bottles that cause a third fire in a few minutesdegree burns.
Queensland\'s acting prime minister, Paul Lucas, took part in a fierce demonstration today in which a pair of children\'s pajamas were placed on a bar heater.
The clothes caught fire in a few minutes.
Mr. Lucas said that after the introduction of the national standards 20 years ago, many parents did not know that there was still a danger because the national standards stipulated that pajamas would burn more flames --proof.
\"The message to parents is that even though we have better children\'s clothing, it can and will still catch fire if you are close to the ignition point,\" he told reporters . \".
Such sparks will not only hurt children, but also cause fire in houses, he said.
Lucas said the thermos could also cause severe burns and should be replaced every two years.
\"Not properly made or too old hot water bottles can burst or leak scalding contents, resulting in three degrees of burns,\" he said . \".
For children and elderly people with more delicate skin, they should always be covered with towels or fabric, especially easy to get burned in direct contact.
Queensland fire data show that more people died from home fires during the winter of June to September.
A study shows that children under the age of five account for about 33 of all burns
Emergency departments, many of which are related to heaters, have been injured.
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