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vitamin a anti-aging -

by:ER Bottle     2020-01-28
Vitamin A, which used to be regarded as a health care product, is now being valued by the beauty industry. Vitamin A has-
Adding its aging effect to cosmetics can help the skin to be firm, smooth wrinkles, and have the effect of preventing acne.
Since the discovery of vitamin A in 1915, most of them have been used in oral health foods, and familiar vitamin a health care products can help the growth and enhancement of eyes, cells and bones;
In addition, vitamin A can also play a role in maintaining the skin.
Mature skin because of the loss of collagen, it is easy to become too dry and wrinkles, so skin care products containing vitamin A can help the skin not oxidized
To produce, remove free radicals and promote the production of collagen;
However, these effects mentioned above can play a role and must wait for vitamin A through the skin to penetrate into the dermal layer. Therefore, cosmetic raw materials enter the dermal layer after skin care products, the supplier will cover the vitamin A with special technology and then release the vitamin A to achieve the resistance
Aging, mechanism: stimulate the production of collagen, so that the new collagen can fill the original aging wrinkles;
Increase the glass fiber acid content in the leather layer to help the skin retain more moisture; Long-
Apply skin care products containing vitamin A derivatives during the term of office, which will be more effective against damage and reduce the chances of mature acne in the skin.
The leather layer located under the skin, the main function is like a sponge pad or spring pad, which can support the skin soft and strong.
The leather layer contains collagen, elastic fiber and glass fiber acid, in which collagen is an important cornerstone to maintain skin elasticity and hardness, and glass fiber acid is responsible for keeping skin moisture.
If the skin care products made by vitamin A will include vitamin A acid, which is the one we are most familiar with, or the vitamin A acid, vitamin A ester or vitamin A aldehyde that we rarely hear (
These three vitamin A derivatives, although they are less functional than vitamin A acid, have higher stability)
, Do not need special treatment, apply on the face skin, will directly act on the skin, can tighten the skin, make the skin smooth, reduce the secretion of grease;
However, for mature women, the decline of sebum grease will only make the skin dry and water-deficient. If the wrong product is used, it will be applied every day, and the result will be more wrinkles.
The most stable vitamin A alcohol, although the effect of applying to the skin is not immediately like vitamin A acid, but its type of stability can penetrate the dermal layer to stimulate cell growth, has the function of repairing the skin.
According to the manufacturer of vitamin A acid, vitamin A acid is a drug and must be used under the guidance of a doctor.
Skin care products containing vitamin A should first pay attention to the design of the bottle. The sealing of the bottle should be small and the bottle cannot be transparent, which can reduce the probability that vitamin A will be oxidized and deteriorated, in addition, because vitamin A is resistant to sunlight
Triad, so, apply vitamin A during the day, really should do a good job of sun protection.
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