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Vacuum pump technology was first studied by Otto

by:ER Bottle     2020-06-11
There are three types of common vacuum pumps. They are the positive displacement pump, the momentum transfer pump, and the entrapment pump. Each type of vacuum pump system uses a different technology to achieve the same effect, which is the removal of gas molecules. This is the fundamental principal behind vacuum tank systems. Interestingly enough, the entrapment pump does not actually remove the molecules from the center. Instead, it stops their motion. This freezing of the molecules has the same effect as removing the molecules, which is to create a suction force. This can also be achieved in rebuilt vacuum pumps. There are different types of pumps and there are different forces created by the vacuum pumps. Low, medium, high, and ultrahigh suction can be created by using one or another of the pumps, or by using a combination of them. Examples of everyday items that require a low vacuum pump and vacuum accessories include your vacuum cleaner, a siphon, and even a few items on your vehicle. Medium vacuum pump accessories are used in fluorescent lamps, neon signs, and in the distillation process and vacuum packaging. Small light bulbs, mass spectrometers, and thermos bottles use high powered vacuums, and ultrahigh powered vacuum accessories are frequently used in your television and older computer monitors. Making a low powered small vacuum pump or rebuilt vacuum pump is a fairly easy project, because they're usually a simple design, but as the suction level increases the complexity of the pump increases. High powered pumps are much more complex, and require a lot more maintenance than a low powered pump. Because of this, they typically cost more. When Otto von Guericke first began experimenting with the science of creating a vacuum, odds are he didn't know the effect his experiments would have on the world three hundred years later. Today we really couldn't live without this technology because it has been woven so completely and seamlessly into our lives, giving us entertainment, making transportation easier, and improving the overall comfort and convenience of our lives.
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