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Vacuum keep-warm glass

by:ER Bottle     2020-05-13
General is made of stainless steel with vacuum containers of water are made, top cover, seal, vacuum insulation blanket can make in inside the liquid such as water slow cooling, in order to achieve the purpose of heat preservation. Developed vacuum cup from a thermos, thermal insulation on the same principle as a thermos, people just for the convenience of the bottle into a cup. Heat has three ways: the spread of radiation, convection, and transfer. Vacuum cup silver cup bile can reflect the hot water radiation, vacuum cup bile and cup body can block the heat transfer, and less prone to the bottle can prevent heat convection heat transfer. Techniques of choose and buy a, the use of magnets, method: take two vacuum cup - — A magnet absorption, another not magnet absorption, enough two thermos flask on eighty degrees of water, cover lid. After three hours, to absorb the magnet vacuum cup water temperature to 40 degrees, without magnet absorption temperature is above seventy degrees. From such an experiment, we can see that suck the magnet is not strong, the effect of the vacuum cup with boiling water, boiled water, tighten the cork or insulation lid clockwise, about 2 - After 3 minutes, each man to touch a cup and lower body appearance, if found to have the feeling of warm, it means the word vacuum insulation is not good enough. And testing of vacuum sealing. Fill a glass of water, tighten the lid, the horse for a few minutes and can also be hard to jilt a few times, if there is no leakage phenomenon, it shows that the sealing performance is good. Three, use parts: the parts are healthy environmental protection. Vacuum plastic accessories whether healthy environmental protection is very important. Can identify by smell, if vacuum cup is made of food-grade plastic, the smell will be smaller, the surface light, no burr, durable and not easy to aging; If it is a common plastic aspects will be worse in food-grade plastic again.
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