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Vacuum cup can prepare your own specialized, disposable cup is convenient but must still be careful

by:ER Bottle     2020-05-24
Don't use a disposable cup can not, such as in the home, office, can prepare their own special vacuum cups. As for guests, may at any time in preparing a few cup disinfection cabinet, much more than the use of disposable paper cups and health. Especially children, pregnant women and infirm, more should form the good habit of refusing to disposable cups. When disposable cups of choose and buy, should pay attention to the following points: one is to see the product packaging should be marked as production company name, address, product standards, production date, expiration date, packing is too bad, printing is too rough, best not to buy it. Second, should choose full shape, not wrinkle, has certain thickness, not easily modified products, plastic cups to notice how its elasticity, don't buy too brittle. If the glass tore it is very easy to broken, or just white crease obviously, majority is not qualified products. Third, if there is a smell smell. Some people think that the plastic itself has & other; Plastic & throughout; , it doesn't matter as long as not heavy to taste. In fact, with qualified raw material to produce the cup, there is no smell. Fourth, to see the packaging is marked as a cup of cold water, hot water cup, using temperature range, should indicate the normal manufacturer production. Fifth, don't covet colorful cups, be careful when drinking the ink also drink down. Sixth, don't buy too much, should run out and buy. The rest of the cup, after open the packing is best stored in a sealed box, as far as possible to reduce secondary pollution. Finally, when consumer is buying paper cup, to a large department stores, supermarkets, large enterprise choose the famous brand products, don't patronize small stalls 3 without the product.
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