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universal bike light battery

by:ER Bottle     2020-01-15
This page describes the structure of a universal bicycle lamp battery with eight \"C\" rechargeable NiMh batteries.
Made from parmesan container, it is sturdy, lightweight, splashes-proof, dust-proof, fits in a water bottle cage and allows the battery to be used completely and properly.
The high-performance NiMh battery can increase the capacity of this unit to 10,000 mAh.
The original feature of this project is: a complete shopping list can be found here: the shoppinglistAn 8 oz Kraft Parma cheese container is just perfect to fit into the standard bicycle water bottle cage.
Run to your local supermarket (
Or your fridge)
Pick up one or two containers of cheese.
Make a few Italian dishes in the next few weeks (
Or empty content to another dish)
Then clean the cheese container.
Remove the tag or keep it to confuse the competition.
You also need some items to make this battery pack.
First, pick up two battery stands that can hold four C-
Each battery.
Make sure that the battery stand will arrange the battery in two-by-
There are two photos here.
There are other battery stands that can arrange all four battery sides-by-side. The side-by-
The container is not suitable for side style.
Buy two connectors that are compatible with bike lights.
In this case, I installed a coaxial DC power jack using a panel of size N from the radio cabin.
You will want a connector that can be fixed to drill holes in the container.
The power jack shown in the figure has a nut and flange that can be installed in the hole.
The parmesan cheese container can be placed in a standard water bottle cage.
However, you may want to modify the container a little to overcome any installation issues specific to the bottle cage.
In this case I need to shape the container to better fit the end of the bottle cage.
One suggestion for custom containers is to use a hot gun.
The heat softens the plastic so you can mold it into a bottle cage that fits you.
Be careful not to overheat as the container may contract or catch fire.
Burning plastic is not a popular step in this note.
Weld the lead to the connector.
I would suggest the installation of woven 18 Ad Hoc Working Group wires compared to 20 or 22.
The 18 ad hoc working groups will reduce the resistance of the battery to light, resulting in better light output.
Prevent short circuit with heat shrink tube-circuits.
Drill two holes at the bottom of the container.
The size of the hole depends on the connector you are using.
Feed the wires and connectors into the container and secure them from the inside with nuts. Long needle-
The mouth clamp may come in handy when tightening the nut.
You will find that the plastic at the bottom of the cheese container is thicker and harder than the side.
This is a good feature because it makes it easier to connect the battery to the light.
The push connector does not bend the plastic as it is mounted on the side.
The battery holder may have leads in red and black.
Remove these and weld the connector lead directly from Step 7 to the battery terminal.
Consider strengthening the inventory terminal by welding some copper sheets.
Of course, make sure there is enough length left in the wire to remove and install the battery.
In this example, I will connect two separate Four
Battery pack.
Each battery pack will have a separate connector.
This will allow me to run two lights from two separate battery packs or I can run one and have a battery pack as a backup batteryup. Having a back-
Batteries and lights are important when you are in the woods at night. All of the 24-
The one-hour race I played required the driver to have two completely separate lights.
You can go now.
The battery pack has been completed and you can accept your choice for the \"C\" battery.
I picked up the radio cabin rechargeable NiMh \"C\" battery for this bike light.
The rated power of each unit is 1. 2V and 3000mAh.
This is the capacity of a good bike light.
These four series of connected units give you 4. 8V and 3000mAh.
With all eight batteries installed, the battery pack has a capacity of 6000 mAh
The time and time for riding at night are good.
Higher capacity batteries can be bought for less money.
Since the battery represents most of the cost and controls almost all the performance of this Instructure, do some comparison shopping before building the model.
The assembled battery seat slides back into the container-to-back.
You may have to insert a package at a time to put them all in.
Small changes in the size of the battery holder and the diameter of the battery make each product unique.
For better fit, you may also need to twist the battery pack to wrap the lead.
It\'s a close match, but it\'s an idea.
This battery pack puts eight C batteries into a container about the size of a small water bottle.
In addition, the battery can be used.
There are not many commercial bicycle lamp batteries available. Install the lid.
The lid on the cheese container opens so you can shake the cheese out.
I would like to run the wires out with this feature, but the battery pack will not be like splash or dust proof.
Cover and you can ride!
The battery pack is mounted in a position with the lid down.
The wire runs up the lower pipe to the handlebar where the lights are installed.
Below is a change in the position of the battery connector.
In this case, I installed them on the side of the container.
Depending on where your lights are connected to the bike or how you want to run the wires, you may want to use this location.
There is at least one benefit to this connector location.
This is the wire you Weld to the connector that extends to the bottom of the container, not directly to the center, interfering with the space of the battery stand.
The connectors installed on the side of the container provide you with different positions to run the power leads. Your decision.
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