trade secrets; 4-star kitchens delivered on a takeout budget

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Elaine luyirs
New York City\'s 28 th, 2000 TH, renovated the entire kitchen for less than $20,000-
Use new appliances, new countertops, cabinets, flooring and Labor in better places-
The equivalent of finding a two-
A bedroom apartment for $1,000 a month.
It\'s possible, but it\'s unlikely.
Michael McDonough, a New York architect, believes that a $20,000 kitchen is an urban fairy tale.
\"This is brother\'in-
He said, it means only when your brother --in-
The law is a licensed plumber, electrician, and general contractor that serves you completely.
The kitchen and bathroom are the hardest rooms to redo because they require electrical appliances, cabinets, countertops, electricity, water and gas pipes, and the labor force to install them.
Reinvent magazine reports a small transformation of the American kitchen
New paint, new cabinet front, maybe new floor)
This year was $8,655, and a major transformation was carried out (the works)
The average is $31,090.
Electrical appliances and materials are integrated
Cost third;
The rest is Labor.
In New York, the Labor party has a high position.
\"All industries must be involved,\" says Paul Deffenbaugh, editor-in-chief of remodeling . \".
\"You will do it once or twice in your life, kind of like getting married and you will want to do it well.
Still, a $20,000 remodel is possible, especially if there is no wall or fixture that needs to be moved.
There are four kitchens here to prove this, from a modest $5,000 re-do a slightly more than budget makeover because of the demolition of a wall.
In addition, House & Home asked three Manhattan design companies about the budget \"concept\" kitchen.
Ikea cabinets, the cost-effective chameleon, appear in traditional and modern kitchens (
Finish from aluminum to laminate to Cherry).
In achieving her vision, Helene Verin sacrificed custom cabinets-but not style --
Ikea scrub-
Glass cabinets, light from the inside, light softly.
The money saved made her splurge on the walnut counter.
Every real or theoretical kitchen offers a neat counter space and invites a person to Cook busy.
Advertising whimsical feminists
Verin is an interior design, furniture and wallpaper designer living in the Flatiron area and her kitchen is a tonguein-
Statement of feminism (
She\'s just divorced. she\'s happy. . The pass-
The shape of the egg is cut from the kitchen to the dining room.
Thick walnut counter for passthrough?
\"This is the shadow of the egg,\" said the lady. Verin said.
Droog designed three ceiling lamps in the shape of milk bottles to complete the symbolic meaning of feminism. Advertising Lady
Verin knows how to prioritize subtly.
She likes the noise of Customs.
Cut solid walnut made for pass
Pass around the sink and sink.
She then saves costs by using walnut veneers belowthe-
Counter cabinets and front of refrigerator.
For the tailgate, she has a glass cut that fits her own, but she herself uses a spray cream of $4
New Magic kitchen stove, Bosch dishwasher and Franke sink;
Their chrome or stainless steel finishes are similar to high chrome or stainless steel finishesend appliances.
But she kept the old fridge.
The kitchen is 10 feet by 7 feet by 3 inch, but \"the advantage of this place is that the ceiling is 12 feet high,\" she said . \".
So she raised the height of the incision.
The entrance to the kitchen is from 7 feet 1/2 to full 12 feet, and suddenly a small kitchen is soaring.
Total cost: $12,000.
Endless CounterSuzie Jackson wants a kitchen with enough counter space. Ms.
Jackson, a food stylist, lived in TriBeCa\'s attic with her husband James and daughter Edwin until last month. (
They moved to Australia later. )
Brad Zizmor worked with his partner Dag Folger at Manhattan A & I Design to Design the loft, which he had to do.
The kitchen is 18 feet long, 12 feet wide and 9 inch wide;
The counter runs the entire length on both sides.
Efficient rooms are a simple tribute to the industrial heritage of the attic, heated with wood.
The countertop is a synthetic heating device.
Laboratory table material (800-523-5902), so Ms.
Jackson can put hot pot directly on it.
While Fireslate is only half an inch thick, the architects put it on the side so the counter looks \"big, bulky and permanent \". Folger said.
They designed a storage system for birch plywood shelves, drawers and cabinets and framed at speed
Track, cast aluminum tube system for scaffolding or industrial handrails.
The floor is trompe l\'oeil: It looks like the concrete is 4-by-4-
Curtain layer of small flat feetcem, half-
Inch thick concrete panel soaked with wood fiber.
\"It is used for industrial roofs . \"
Zizmor said, \"but it is lighter and more stable than ordinary concrete that will also crack.
Total cost: $17,450.
Les David Coleman\'s chaotic medieval modernity-free, cozy (
This is another word for \"small)midcentury-
The modern kitchen costs only $5,000.
\"I want a nice, clean, white and green kitchen,\" he said . \"
Coleman, a freelance writer living in Wall Street.
There\'s a terrible Ivory and plank in the kitchen.
Cabinet with accent with ugly tile floor and fluorescent lamp.
Nothing but the fridge and the stove.
He installed an antique porcelain sink, a new pine flooring, a butcher
The counter and the glass.
Ikea front Cabinet (
On 1950s, the red and white dishes of Paul McCobb were found on eBay).
To save money, he gave up the idea of a $50 crystal knob at P.
Guerin, a custom hardware House in Greenwich Village, for $5 each, painted his own walls.
\"I have blood on my knob,\" he said . \"
Simple, accessible
ZenAt Will Machado, 89, an interior designer living in Upper West Side, gave himself an inspiring gift: a warm, peaceful and efficient minimalist Zen Kitchen
He wanted a kitchen that was easy to walk around, and he removed a wall that separated the kitchen from the living room.
I want to simplify my life, he said, but even with a budget of $30,000 (
Including demolition)
He had to do trade. offs.
He liked the warmth and touch of the wood, and he hired a taxi maker, Stephen inot, to perform his design in ash and maple. (
Old appliances stay--Mr.
Machado cooks at home or goes to Nick & Toni cafe a block away. )Mr.
Machado eliminated the most irritating thing for him: the elevated door that was opened.
Why open the door and hit your head? \'\' Mr. Machado asked.
\"All the doors slipped, the holes were pulled, and the drawers slipped out.
He took out a drawer and closed it with a raised butt.
The cabinet is $20,000.
The demolition, rubber flooring and other works cost an additional $10,000.
Three kitchen design companies require three design companies to buy 8-by-
10 feet Manhattan kitchen and created an alternative Kitchen for $20,000 including labor.
Their recipes include expensive things (
Antonio Citterio\'s $800 plastic trolley for Kartell)and modest (
IKEA glass-
Front cabinet). Plan I: Pret-a-
The pork we usedthe-
Shelf parts that require minimal craftsmanship, \"said Robert Young, who worked with his partner, Shay Murdoch, a young architect of Murdoch, to design the project.
Inspired by the industrial kitchen, they used twothe-
Fridge and freezer at counter.
\"We made it look bigger and expelled any large vertical space pig like a full vertical space pig
The size of the refrigerator, he said.
\"You reach out and get what you need, just like a chef,\" he said . \".
They only used a closed cabinet.
\"You have to be able to handle putting things in good containers.
\"But it\'s not for everyone,\" he said . \"
Custom stainless steel counter built in-
Sink and tailgate;
Stainless steel shelves are bolted onto painted plywood.
Electrical appliances in the plan, such as Jenn-
The air gas stove and dishwasher of the Braun refrigerator and freezer are also stainless steel.
Closed storage included, yes, IKEA glass-
Front cabinet ($148)
And the cobalt blue plastic trolley from Antonio Citterio in Kartell ($800 each), custom-
Top with butcher block.
Rubber tile flooring comes from Flexco.
\"Your feet are easier than the tile floor,\" Mr. Young said.
Total cost: $19,586.
Plan 2: Through the deborah Gans and Matt Jelacic of The Gans & Jelacic building, a glowing kitchen with sliding glass doors and glass shelves was designed.
\"What we want is transparency . \"
Gans said, \"because making the shoe box kitchen part of a huge space is the quality of the light and the cleanliness of the lines.
Industrial advertising proposed by the architect
Grade steel brackets and standards, as well as laminated glass doors made of two pieces of glass with plastic film in the middle.
\"Just choose different types of movies and you can change from transparent White to transparent . \"Gans said.
The sliding door is hung on a heavy-duty track.
The grain box can be placed behind the opaque door, and champagne can be placed behind the transparent door.
The computer is on the open shelf, perhaps the kitchen tool of the 21st century.
They also propose a poetic piece of glass along a wall that is etched with measured equivalent.
There are two holes in the top of the stainless steel counter for non-recyclable and recyclable garbage.
Cheap in other places ($146 each)wire cabinet-
The trolley will roll on the wheel;
They spray plywood front with durable car body paint.
\"You can get a smooth, personalized color --
Coordination was completed, she said.
Gans likes the bright palette of Volkswagen Bug provided by Chelsea Paradise Body Factory (212-691-1092).
The walls and floors are equally smooth and made from Pergo, a wood-like, washable composite laminate.
Total cost: $17,000.
Plan 3: Interior designer Ronald brick designed a kitchen with glass --
Front cabinets (Ikea again)
Open shelves with electrical appliances.
However, his design is different in terms of texture and scale.
For counters and floors, he used 12 inch square meters of dusty green glass tiles from Trans Ceramica Ltd.
Pennsaid Uken in New York StateJ.
They are the color of dry bay leaves, he said.
Bricke, a great amateur chef
Total cost: $18,031.
The tiles in the rear baffle and the second half of the counter are polished, and the tiles in front of the counter are not polished to prevent water from flowing through the edges.
On the floor, he alternately used two rows of polished tiles and two rows of Unpolished Tiles for beauty and functionality.
\"The stripe gives the impression that the room has been expanded . \"
Bricke said, \"although it is safest if you keep the whole floor unpolished, the polished and unpolished staggered patterns are quite safe.
He said he had tried it on a client and he had never slipped in three years, \"her teeth are still all \".
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