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by:ER Bottle     2020-07-01
Health and hygiene are at the top of priorities for smart parents. Safer alternatives which are also eco-friendly include food grade metallic containers made from the same material as used in the food industry such as for milk processing. Stainless steel, with its high and low temperature stability, corrosion resistance and anti-bacterial properties offers the best choice for baby beverage bottles. The latest options in the market today allow you to enjoy your favorite drinks, hot or cold, from a vacuum insulated, stainless steel bottle. These bottles are not only stylish but are a safe, earth-friendly and health conscious alternative. Stainless steel baby beverage bottles can be filled with very hot or cold liquids. Milk, fruit juices, aerated drinks or other liquids can often 'eat' into the container wall. Stainless steel is proven to withstand such corrosive liquids without being effected and without affecting the contents. Your drink will not absorb any unwanted flavors or harmful chemicals from the bottle or leave any residual stains. Stainless steel of grade SS-316 is safe for food and beverages, extremely durable and easy to clean. It is the material of choice in the food, dairy and brewery industries. An alloy of chromium and nickel, SS-316 grade stainless steel is an especially strong material, highly resistant to stains. These new steel baby bottles are hygienic: they offer superior resistance against bacterial growth. They are also non-toxic as they do not contain and do not release any harmful chemicals. Stainless steel baby bottles are durable. They last much longer, almost a lifetime. These bottles typically carry a lifetime warranty. What is more, they are reusable and recyclable. Baby vacuum bottles are now available in beautiful designs. These bottles keep cold drinks cold up to twenty four hours and hot ones hot up to twelve hours. This is achieved with highly effective vacuum insulation technology. Such vacuum bottles are constructed with a double wall of stainless steel with an insulating vacuum between them. This thermal layer means no sweating or condensation and no toasty fingers when filling with steaming hot tea! Apart from their winning plus points over conventional materials, stainless steel beverage bottles are also extremely convenient. No breakage, no chipping. They are also shatter-proof. These baby friendly bottles come in a convenient size with ample capacity for regular use, for travel and for special occasions. Typically, stainless steel baby bottles come in 18 oz capacity. They even make excellent gift options! Just take a little care and your stainless steel baby vacuum beverage bottle will give you endless joy. You can wash them by hand with warm, soapy water. Regular hand dish washing soap works fine, maybe a little baking soda. Rinse off soap and air dry upside down, preferably on a rack. Put bottles in a dishwasher, in the oven, microwave or freezer may not be such a good idea. This can void the warranty.
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