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this hydaway collapsible water bottle makes me drink more water

by:ER Bottle     2020-01-08
I will be the first to admit that I am not good at keeping moisture.
Working days are easier, but it\'s easy to forget when I get off work or go out on weekends.
I don\'t want to carry water bottles with me all day long, and when I absolutely don\'t need them, I feel guilty about using plastic bottles.
Instead, I sometimes choose to make mistakes in dehydration.
Then I found the foldable water bottle that basically changed my life.
This Hydaway foldable water bottle is like a small accordion
A style tank that can be expanded to fill 17 ounces of water and collapse into 1. 5-
You can easily put an inch thick disk in your wallet or large pocket.
It\'s made of food.
Silicone grade, double phenol-
Free plastic and screws
Top Design, super light, safe and leak-proof dishwasher.
My Hydaway went anywhere with me on weekends because it was easy to sneak into my bag and made me have no reason not to drink water.
Just this past weekend, I took it with me to a music festival and refilled it many times during the day.
Then I put it in my back pocket while dancing.
In the past, I might buy a plastic water bottle and throw it out because I don\'t want to bring it or drink more so I don\'t have to buy another one. (Don’t judge me. )
The days of despair and dehydration have passed because I have a cute little water bottle that I can carry with me. The Hydaway 17-
The Oz foldable water bottle is the perfect choice for travel, outdoor adventures and even daily use.
It has eight interesting colors and two sizes: 17-
A bottle of $26 an ounce and a larger 25-
$32 a bottle per ounce
And, there\'s on Amazon.
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