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by:ER Bottle     2020-06-23
Tip number 1: Consider what type of window you have. There are different types of glass used for various window designs. Each type requires a different cleaning method. In order to be efficient determine what type of glass is used for your windows so that you will be able to clean them well. Tip number 2: Prepare the materials you need beforehand. Although there are many sophisticated window cleaning equipment today there are basic tools that even professionals use. These are the vacuum cleaner, clean rags, laundry detergent, old toothbrush, old bath towel and spray bottle. Preparing the needed materials before doing window cleaning, for instance, will allow you to save time and help you perform more efficiently. Tip number 3: Choose the right cleaning agent for your glass. One of the most important things to consider is to select the right solvent. There are many types of solvent and each type has a different effect on different types of glass. There are general purpose glass cleaners, heavy duty cleaners and eco-friendly cleaners. Choosing the right solvent will help ensure that you will be able to clean your class properly and decrease the incidence of streaking. Tip number 4: Find the right material to wipe glass. Using a dirty rag to clean your window will leave streaks and unsightly residue. The trick here is to find the right material - whether it's a paper towel or a clean rag to do it. Cloth towels have a tendency to pick up dust and dirt. Paper towels on the other hand are more dust resistant. To guide you on what material to select, consider the type of class you are cleaning and the solvent you are using. Some solvents are made to go with only cloth rags while others are more compatible with paper towels. There are many more tips and tricks that you can use to help make window cleaning easier for you. But for now, these are the top four tips that you can use when you do window washing. Cleaning windows need not be hard. You just have to be willing to spend time and effort so that you will be able to do it well.
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