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the vending machines that reward you for recycling

by:ER Bottle     2020-01-21
Anyone who is old enough may remember cash. for-
The cans are planned to provide pocket money for more than 1980 Victorian children until it is canceled.
Now, a commission in Melbourne is taking advantage of this spirit to install vending machines that distribute coupons, race entries or charitable donations when people plug in aluminum cans and plastic bottles for recycling.
This month, the Wyndham City Council installed three machines that could hold bottles or jars from 2000 before they needed to be emptied. .
Wyndham said it was the only city in Victoria to launch a machine.
Peter McKinnon, manager of the Environmental and Water Council, said early indications that the machines were already popular.
\"One of the machines is full in a week,\" he said . \".
The equipment has been installed in the water sports center, the stadium and the cook point town center.
The council plans to install another machine as soon as possible as part of three machinesyear trial.
Users can choose their rewards from swimming lesson vouchers, movie tickets, gym member sweepstakes or donations to local charities.
McKinnon said the council hopes to promote the development of local enterprises and community facilities through these machines.
The new state government has begun to bring in its own cash. for-
10 cents per bottle or a container scheme that can be stored.
Dave West, national policy director of the environmental organization\'s swing ang Alliance, said they would be more effective if the reverse vending machines offered cash rewards.
10 containers will be an appropriate incentive, he said.
West says the Queensland, Western Australia and Australian governments are also introducing cash. for-
Container machines in the next two years.
Trevor Thornton, a recycling expert at Deakin University, said too many recycled materials were eventually still landfill.
Reverse vending machines are unlikely to have much impact on household recycling habits, he said.
But Dr Thornton says they may increase the recovery rate in public places, including sports facilities and shopping malls.
\"Anything that transfers materials from a landfill must be a good thing,\" he said . \".
Dr. Thornton said similar vending machines were introduced in European countries, including Germany.
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