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‘the true cost of convenience’: pre-packing school lunch boxes could save parents more than $1000

by:ER Bottle     2020-02-01
DIY lunch boxes can save a lot of money.
Source: pre-purchase by Cairns
Packed school lunch box snacks, such as cheese and biscuits, yogurt and sultanas, rather than making them themselves, could cost more than $1000 a year, according to Mozo. com. au.
The comparison website has calculated these figures to find the price difference between snacks individually classified in major supermarkets and DIY homes --
The packaged version may be 278 more expensive.
\"Parents may be surprised by the real cost of convenience, and the cost of prepackaged cheese and biscuits per snack is more than $2 compared to putting sliced cheese and biscuits into a self-sealing bag, mozo director Kirsty Lamont said in a statement.
Mozo\'s analysis compares a single pre-
Packaged items of the same size-
The size of the package saves $2 per part.
$21 for cheese and biscuits.
04 cents for yogurt and 71 cents for canned fruit.
Cheese and biscuits alone saved $453 throughout the school year.
Every penny is important now.
Mozo did a similar analysis in 2017. and-
The premium for biscuits was $431, compared to $312 in 2016.
Cost of convenience.
Source: Lamont MS said: \"The supplied prepackaged yogurt has also been found to be expensive, and the popular yogurt bag is a dollar more expensive than scooping the same amount of yogurt into reusable containers
\"During the school year, the savings really started to increase, scooping fruit salads into leak-proof containers saved $146, and distributing yogurt yourself saved $213 instead of going to the supermarket to buy yogurt bags.
\"By investing in a small beverage bottle and pouring some juice every morning, it can also save other expenses, which can save nearly $100 a year for children who drink Poole every day.
Putting a handful of dried fruit into a self-sealing bag saves parents who spend $47 a year on fruit mini-packs.
\"There are now many affordable reusable containers, lunch boxes and bottles to choose from, including bags of liquid substances such as reusable, easy-to-clean yogurt, while dry items like cookies and sultanas can be easily put into a small container or snake plock bag that can be reused every day. ”frank. chung@news. com.
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