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the skinny on... water

by:ER Bottle     2020-01-30
Today\'s choices include vitamins.
Strengthen water, seasoning water, mineral water, spring water, etc.
We try to make the complex Water World clear and transparent.
Water is almost the simplest and healthiest drink you can choose to quench your thirst, replenish your water and satisfy your occasional hunger.
Unless that\'s not the case.
So many names-
Today, in branded water on shelves, choosing which water to drink is more tricky than choosing a espresso drink at Starbucks.
Please allow us to extract all the information to the basic news you need to help.
The bottle itself is also a potential problem.
Several studies have shown that,
Chemicals related to hormone abnormalities
Can penetrate into the water from the bottle.
If the bottle is not recycled, it will cause a lot of waste.
In 2005 alone, 2 million tons of garbage were landfill.
They also cause global warming because they are often transported long distances.
Even if they contain the same thing you can get from your own faucet.
So what is the solution?
You can choose to carry the filtered tap water in reusable stainless steelsteel bottle.
If you want to know exactly how pure your tap water is, call your local tap water company. A \"right-to-
The \"know\" clause in the Drinking Water Act means that your water supplier is obliged to give you waterQuality Report.
When it comes to filtering tap water, look for a filter with NSF certification (
National Health FoundationInternational.
Also, be sure to follow the manufacturer\'s advice on replacing the filter
Because if there is no function filter, you \'d better drink it directly from the faucet.
Another drawback of bottled water is the cost.
You can get the same good taste at a lower price by making your own water injection.
\"One of my favorite is to add lemon slices and lime to the water;
\"Both are delicious together,\" Frechman said . \".
She also likes cucumber slices, which she makes steep.
So is mint (
She often mixes mint with cucumbers. .
Mashed strawberries add a good taste even if they are messy.
\"It\'s more about trying to get natural, but it\'s healthier,\" says Frechman.
\"The best thing is that these injected water can be fully counted into the six cups we should drink every day.
The attraction of these waters is that they are fast health solutions for busy people.
The problem is that there is no such thing as health in the bottle.
\"If you lack vitamins, you need to accumulate for a long time,\" said Yerardi . \".
\"It\'s not like you can drink water, assuming you have everything you need.
\"The most important thing you can do is read the labels.
Make sure it does not contain heat.
The intake of vitamins should not exceed 100% of the Dietary Reference Intake (DRI).
Weight Watchers recommend taking multivitamin
Supplement minerals every day to avoid supplements that contain excessive vitamins and minerals.
And what about the waters that touted energy improvement?
They usually contain herbal additives or caffeine, which can disrupt sleep.
Fatigue is a sign of dehydration, so regular water may cheer yourself up.
The bottom line is: drink the fortified water moderately because it\'s one thing you like the taste, but don\'t think of it as a healthy move.
Your best bet is to have a balanced diet and get vitamins from your food.
Some seasoned water contains added sugar
Increased calories.
Other people have calories.
Free artificial sweeteners, or the essence of natural herbs like mint.
\"When you look at your weight, you need to read the labels to make sure you don\'t get extra calories,\" said Ruth freekman, a registered dietitian and spokesperson for the American diet Association.
Look at the portion size of each container (
Often more than one)
And the calories of each food;
Multiply these two numbers to figure out how many calories are in the bottle.
The tag will also tell you what you drink.
\"If you drink flavored water, you will still get the hydrating effect of the liquid,\" Frechman said . \".
\"A lot of people tell me that they don\'t like water, so it\'s a good idea if it\'s a way for people to drink more water.
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