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The mysteries of vacuum cup can heat preservation

by:ER Bottle     2020-05-12
Vacuum cup can heat preservation, the principle of heat preservation and home use hot water heat preservation principle is the same. Bottles of the tank is double layer structure, and careful when purchasing a new inside when they noticed that the bottom has a small bumps 'sharp'. 'The sharp once broken, water bottles don't heat preservation. 'This is often an experienced mother himself summed up a' truth '. And, in fact, water insulation or not do is closely related to the structure. Zhejiang yongkang hao nations cup industry co. , LTD. , specializing in the production of vacuum cup series products, focus on quality, has rich experience in production vacuum cup, tell everybody now, vacuum insulation, its secret lies in vacuum break hot technology. Originally, vacuum and thermos bottle is double hollow structure, inner and outer tubes are made of stainless steel material, different temperature in smoke after the middle of the air, in front of the glass sealing material seal will put a layer of carbon grain at the bottom of the glass, by the high temperature of 500 degrees to make granular fully burning, let the hollow part of the air exhausted, almost entirely vacuum effect. It is well known that the heat transfer medium is needed, and for the three ways of heat transfer, the thermal radiation can be carried out in a vacuum. Therefore, in order to further strengthen the effect of heat preservation and heat insulation, the outer wall of pipe manufacturing chamber of commerce, coated with a layer of copper or aluminum, to form smooth reflecting surface, the heat emitted by the reflection in the glass tube in the cup. So likewise can explain, domestic hot water tank at the bottom of the 'sharp', once broken, middle vacuum effect is lost, can't heat preservation, and the inside is silver plated copper plating and vacuum tube or aluminum principle is the same.
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