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the history of the coca cola bottle

by:ER Bottle     2020-01-29
Believe it or not
The Coke logo is the most famous brand in the world.
As a result, Coca-
Coke bottles are synonymous with their brand and are at least partially responsible for the appearance of many beverage containers.
In the past century, Coke bottles have developed a lot.
The original bottle was quite square and stiff from the 1899 s, and over the next century the bottle evolved into something more sexy and aesthetically pleasing.
This article will cover the evolution and history of coca
Coke bottles go from where they started to where they are today.
The evolution of Coca Cola cans in 109
The original Coca
There\'s nothing special about Coke bottles.
It is designed to be a more square bottle with relief glass. 1900-1916 -The Coca-
The Coke bottle began to show the shape of the curve.
The top of the bottle begins to become thinner, just below the impression, and there is a diamond-shaped sticker with coca on the bottle
Coke signs and other words. 1915 -
The beginning of bottle beauty;
1915 is when the Coke bottle starts to look like a woman\'s figure.
The curve from top to bottom;
Coke bottles are printed on the glass of these bottles. 1957 -
The Coke bottle has maintained a stylish image for more than 50 years and then decided to remove the embossed logo with the white logo. 1961 -In 1961 Coca-
Coke changed the logo they painted back to another relief logo.
Subtle size changes have also taken place on the bottleThe Coca-
The Coke bottle is just a short hair and goes back to the white paint logo again.
Coca-Cola also began to add the word \"classic\" to the bottle. 1994 -The Coca-
Coca-Cola eventually transitioned from glass bottles to plastic bottles with their logo and other information on the sticker. 2008 -
The current Coca
Not only is the Coke bottle plastic, it also contains embossed and standard sticker logo.
The lower half of the bottle is a little raised to help hold the bottle and there is also a textured lid to make it easier to open the bottle.
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