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The high quality vacuum pack drink 6 hours

by:ER Bottle     2020-05-26
In cold winter, a warm cup of orange juice or coffee, can bring us warm, and one to this season, vacuum cup is very popular. So do you know how long can use keep-warm glass with a drink with good quality, will be bad? With this problem, the relevant departments of the experts of vacuum cup, uncover the secret of the vacuum cup for you. Experts selected four kinds of drinks drinks: baby milk powder, coffee, orange juice and water, at the same time, choose the brand vacuum cup price is quite high, the boiling water and orange juice respectively into vacuum cup; Will use boiled water brew of infant milk powder and coffee into the vacuum cup respectively, the experimental results showed that both just loading of four kinds of drinks, or placed in vacuum for 6 hours of drinks, all did not check out/coliform bacteria e. coli. Experts point out that, due to the heating boiling itself is a process of sterilization, and vacuum sealing and heat preservation effect is good, so the four drinks for a long time under a state of high temperature sealing. Under these conditions, e. coli/fecal coliform is unable to breed and survive. With the boiling, insulation, sealing the triple protection, even for 6 hours, the water in the vacuum still drinkable. But what need reminds is, don't want to drink polluted first all vessels must sterilization, and air tightness is better. So choose a good vacuum cup, quality is the key.
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