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The difference between vacuum and vacuum cup

by:ER Bottle     2020-05-13
Vacuum is called vacuum keep-warm glass, made of stainless steel with vacuum layer of water equipment, the top cover, seal is sealed, and vacuum keep-warm glass insulation blanket made in internal liquid slow cooling effect, to achieve heat preservation. Ordinary temperature has heat preservation effect, vacuum keep-warm glass is the average temperature of raw products. Now on the market many front brand of insulation products are vacuum keep-warm glass, can heat hot water and cold water. A, vacuum and vacuum cup material on the difference between ordinary temperature on the choice of material is varied, with pottery and porcelain, stainless steel, plastic, purple sand and glass. And a special vacuum, vacuum keep-warm glass only with stainless steel as raw material to join of the vacuum cup body. 2, vacuum and vacuum cup price difference that sold on the market generally normal temperature only played the heat insulation effect, after the injection of hot water, heat preservation are often about two to three hours or so, the average temperature on the price and the price of vacuum keep-warm glass is far, you should carefully when buy identify which enable businesses, not just in the street to buy, the cheaper which enable its safety and heat preservation performance can be guaranteed. Three, vacuum and vacuum insulation performance difference between vacuum keep-warm glass has the characteristics of cold, heat, vacuum of high rate of vacuum thermal insulation effect can be achieved by 10 hours. And ordinary low temperature heat preservation performance, heat better than vacuum, heat preservation performance can usually achieve the less of two to three hours. Four, vacuum and vacuum cup touch feel the difference in one minute to injection water in the cup, and then by touch the cup outside the body to produce the difference, hot, it is not a vacuum keep-warm glass, only belong to the ordinary simple keep-warm glass, is not hot for vacuum vacuum cup, vacuum keep-warm glass can generally be insulation more than 6 hours, high vacuum rate can achieve 10 hours. Conclusion: to sum up, on the material, typically using stainless steel vacuum and vacuum effect, and normal temperature appears on the market with a variety of forms; On the price and thermal insulation performance, vacuum keep-warm glass is higher than ordinary temperature, but the heat preservation performance is extremely good, time-consuming; By touch, feel also can know the difference between the vacuum and vacuum cup, if can make the hot water hot wall showed in vitro for vacuum cup to cup, can't is a vacuum.
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