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The AR Blue Clean AR383 pressure washer is one

by:ER Bottle     2020-06-29
You get a high quality machine with the electric AR383 and a wide range of efficient features. The most significant of these being the triple plunger pump featuring a total stop system. This pump will last longer than other brands on the market because it will automatically shut off when you release your finger from the trigger. Plus it is made of a high quality stainless steel. The long life expectancy of this unit makes it one of the most cost effective pressure washers on the market today. A common complaint that you hear about most washers is that they fail to deliver enough power to get the job done right. You'll be able to handle the toughest of jobs with ease with the 1.5 gpm flow rate of the AR383. No matter how thick the grime, the perfect detergent and water mix, provided by the wand mounted bottle, will have the greatest opportunity to soak in and get to work. Most washers are not able to generate enough power for the tough jobs. You'll hear a lot of complaints about low pressure and slow water flow for many different washers. With this model you don't have to worry because you'll have more than enough power. It comes in at 1,900 psi which is more than enough for jobs around the house. You're also protected if the pressure builds up too much with a safety valve that will shut off the water flow to the pump head. If you have a difficult cleaning job, then you need a pressure washer that will be able to handle it. With a cleaning unit capacity of 2,850, the AR383 is almost twice as strong as many comparable machines in its class. You'll be able to tackle everything from mildewy siding, to stained decks, to oil spots in your driveway, all very quickly and easily. The accessories include a variable spray wand with a rotating tip. You can easily switch back and forth with a simple flick of your wrist and use the wide spray setting for rinsing and applying detergent and the pencil thin jet stream for cleaning tough stains. Many other washer brands have complicated spray arrangements. The handy detergent bottle attaches to the wand and is very useful when applying cleaning solution to dirty surfaces before you start in on your pressure washing. The AR Blue Clean also has a nice storage reel for the 20 foot long pressure hose. You can also store all of the different attachments on the back of the machine including the trigger gun and pressure wand. Never waste valuable time looking for a misplaced attachment again; everything is at your fingertips. The AR Blue Clean AR383 pressure washer is one of the highest rated machines on the market today. From tough jobs to easy cleaning, the AR383 won't let you down and comes out on top every time.
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