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Thailand is a land of many colors and flavors.

by:ER Bottle     2020-07-17
In your tour package to Bangkok, a tour to Pattaya is a very desirable inclusion. Being just a stone's throw away from the capital city, Pattaya is synonymous with tourism. The entire city is a tourist destination and offers a number of things to do. The beaches here make your tour to Pattaya memorable and filled with adrenaline by offering a wide range of water adventure sports. You can choose to swim in the Jomtein beach, which is long and has very less boat traffic, thus making it perfect for water sports. Ko Lan Island is a great place for beach lovers. Situated close to Pattaya, a trip to this island should a must visit place for beach lovers who seek tranquil beaches in their Thailand package. However, a tour to Pattaya does not have to be limited to beaches. There are a number of other tourist destinations that make your Thailand package special. A trip to the elephant village is a very interesting adventure. You get to ride elephants and travel into the jungles where you can have fun spotting different animals. In addition, you can watch unique shows such as elephant football matches and elephant exhibitions. The elephants perform a number of amusing tricks and acts for your entertainment. This kind of a show is unique to Pattaya in the whole world. As part of your tour package to Bangkok, you can also visit the Millions Years Park and Crocodile firm. These have rare plants and rock gardens that offer breathtaking sights. You can also watch crocodile breeding in the crocodile firm. There are a number of places for nature lovers to visit in their tour package to Bangkok. In addition, there are some very interesting museums as well. One museum that is unique only to Pattaya is the Bottle Art Museum. Here you can find various artifacts created inside bottles of different sizes and shapes. The excellent well maintained and manicured golf courses of Pattaya are an irresistible temptation. Many of these golf courses are open to the public and you will enjoy spending some time trying to tee. Thailand is tourist country that can entertain everybody. So, take time off your busy schedule and take a trip to this enchanting oriental country located in the Indian Ocean.
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