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by:ER Bottle     2020-01-30
This is my second time using a distributed solar lighting system where the panels can sit somewhere in the sun and power the lights in the shadows.
I think this is a half step between solar garden lights and wiring solar energy to your home.
In this case, the result is a panel mounted in a sunny spot on the wall, powering a bunch of glass bottles under the grape rack.
Some time after I built the solar walkway, my brother and his family came to visit.
The lights left a deep impression on everyone, especially his wife.
Ted has just completed the construction of an oversized grape rack to plant huge vines that have been messy in his backyard for the past few years. Michelle asked if she could put a set of lights under the shed.
I thought it was a good idea and told them that I would be happy to build something for them if they paid for the material.
Of course, since I was never happy to stay alone, I decided that some of the pieces could be used for the original design.
So, I started to tweak something, here, there, very quickly, and the result was completely different from my original design.
About in the process of building this, I started thinking about the fact that I never got my sister --in-
Everything is OK for birthdays and Christmas because I never know what she wants.
I hate buying gifts for people.
Here, however, I get something that I\'m sure she will like and her birthday is even coming soon!
I finished the building a week before her birthday and gave it to her on the weekend before her party so we had time to install it in aberry.
Note to get the bottle--
I pulled mine from the local Goodwill for $0.
Minimum $50, maximum $2.
A nice customer bottle.
Some pots have potatoes and sparkling things that have to be cleaned up and others are actually small vases.
All in all, I got 13 of them for less than $10.
After cleaning them up, let them dry completely.
I want to give the glass cream as much as I do when I make the solar tank, but I don\'t want to use the opaque cream spray I \'ve been using.
I would like some lights that are more transparent than frosted.
I finally decided to use the Krylon matte finish and it worked very well.
Gently spray each jar a little matte and dry it.
Please note that this is a fairly long and arduous step!
The reason why solar Christmas lights work so well in this project is that it has a centralized drive running 60 individual lights.
The biggest downside, of course, is that unless you want all the bottles to gather in one place, you have to extend the wires a little bit.
There are 60 lamps installed in 13 bottles and I can\'t separate them equally.
The last thing I did was put four in each small bottle, five in each big bottle, and six in the big patron bottle.
Before you start putting the lights into the bottle, cut out a few speaker wires about 3 feet long.
As long as all the strands are about the same length, the measurement does not have to be precise.
About 1/2 of insulation is stripped from each end.
Start at the end of the Christmas light farthest from the battery.
Pick your first bottle and decide how many lights to get into it.
In the middle of the last light that enters your bottle and the wire that the next light does not enter, cut it in half and Peel 1/2 of the insulation from the wire.
A set of lights I\'m working on, with five wires between each, which means making sure there are at least that many length speaker wires to use, one of which will be split into two separate wires.
At each end, wire Christmas lights and speaker wires are spliced and welded.
Cut another Christmas light wire and repeat it until you have made them all and that part of the wire has been extended.
Wrap each part of the splicing with tape to make sure there is no bare wire contact.
Put the LEDs into the bottle.
Take a strap from the paper towel, fold it several times, and wrap it around the wire above the electrical tape.
You only need enough paper towels to create an interference fit between the paper towel and the neck of his bottle, temporarily fixing the wires in place.
After finishing, prepare another bottle and repeat it.
Next, you will want to avoid the continuous rainfall of 9 months in a year. . .
What are you talking about?
Don\'t you often rain where you live? Preposterous!
Even if it is true, you will want to avoid morning dew and occasional drizzle, so we will do so at this step.
Get a decent silicone sealant for outdoor applications.
Place all bottles upright and make sure there is 1/4 to 1/2 space above each paper towel plug.
Squeeze Some sealing material to make sure you get enough in a bundle of wires.
The uncured silicone is a nuisance to allow it to dry and free up space overnight!
When all this is done, you should have a strong but flexible silicone plug on top of each bottle.
If you buy a higher quality solar Christmas light, you may be able to skip this step unless you really want to increase the capacity of the light.
I haven\'t tested this yet but I suspect the solar panels I use will be able to send enough power to the battery to light the bottle for a while even on a gray and short day.
The test of the solar panel shows that its output is about 1.
4 volts around 100ma, which should not be enough to charge the 1 provided.
2 v 1000ma battery.
I found that the battery was a dumb bullet out of the box and even put a functional battery in its position, it can also lead to a steady decline in full power for about an hour and brightness for two to three hours.
This is obviously not possible.
My solution is to figure out the whole thing, buy a new and better solar panel and replace one.
The 2 v 1000ma battery, equipped with a pair of parallel wired batteries, can work as a single 1.
Battery 2 v 5000.
This is obviously excessive, but hey, it will definitely keep the brightness for quite a while like this!
First of all, you need to remove the solar panels and drive.
Really, we only keep the circuit board here.
Next, find or build a better solar panel to charge your new and improved battery pack.
There are already details on how to make solar panels with broken solar panels and how much power it takes to charge the batteries with the sun, so I won\'t copy them here.
When determining how much juice you need, the general rule of thumb is that the juice you match is slightly more than the voltage of the battery, about 10-
15% of the maximum current of the battery.
I know this is not a super technical or precise explanation, but I have never let the battery catch fire according to these guidelines.
The solar panels I made output about 2 v under 600ma in sunny condition, enough to charge the battery I used.
Speaking of batteries, I used two standard NiMH AA batteries in this project, wiring in parallel.
This means being positive to positive, negative to negative, not in series (
From positive to negative)
As you can see in most electronic products.
The difference is that you increase the voltage of the battery when you wire it in series, but when you wire it in parallel, you increase their amps.
Because I know the design of the circuit board works at 1.
2 v, I think I will keep this and increase the amount of power it has available by 5 times!
After you get the parts, you need to build some sort of waterproof housing with a clear panel and stuff everything in.
I used the paper clip tray of the old Epson CX5400 and a perspex of Home Depot, but you can use almost anything of the right size and shape!
Basically I just installed everything I could and started hitting it with epoxy and silicone.
What I ended up getting was a panel of about 1 feet by 8 inch with solar panels in the middle and board on one side (
The control switch is stuck from the back)
And another piece of battery.
If you need more details, please check the pictures and picture notes below, but this is just a step you need to improvise.
When I finished, I built a small stand for it, installed it on the top of the tree planting rack, hoping to avoid the grape leaves.
I use cedar because I have heard that Cedar has weather resistance for millions of times.
When it\'s done, I recommend putting everything out for a day and making sure it works right before installing!
If you are in the northern hemisphere, find a good place for the solar panels near where you decide to hang the arbor light.
My brother nailed the panel to the south wall of this children\'s playroom.
Actually, we started installing at the far end of the tree planting rack and putting the panel at the end, but before we did anything, we just put it on the ground below.
Once the lights are placed roughly where Michelle wants them, it\'s time to start hanging the lights.
When Ted climbs up the ladder and nails a nail in the shed, I wrap about 1 feet of the wires around the neck of the bottle.
Then we hung up each one and went back to the planned destination for the solar panels.
Once all the bottles are hung, the panel is nailed to the wall and we are done!
Ah, another interesting project is over!
The night of Michelle\'s birthday party, she boasted about me and the lights I built for her, and everyone seemed impressed, so I really hope it makes up for all the gifts I didn\'t buy for her!
All in all, this time is a lot of work!
I totally think it\'s worth it, but if I do something like this for someone else, I will definitely buy a better set of solar lights.
Too much work.
I have to apologize for the quality of the night photos!
I like but sometimes want to choke the cat and knock my camera on the floor the night before I install these cameras.
The button that allows me to control the light sensitivity and shutter speed is broken when the camera is still working.
At the moment, it is not possible for me to expose for a long time at night, so the full effect of the lights will be lost.
I will post some better cameras once I get a new one, but this may not be fast due to tight funding.
If anyone has some advice on a camera with basic manual control with reasonable quality but low price, I would really like to know!
As always, please take a moment to review, rate and/or subscribe!
I really like to hear what people think about my guidance.
Also, if you build something based on my project or inspired by my project, post some images, I will send you a digital patch!
Oh, I try bold important points in my teaching.
What do you think?
Good idea or something stupid?
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