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Stainless steel vacuum tank material is introduced

by:ER Bottle     2020-05-15
In an age of now vigorously promote healthy drinking water, vacuum cup more and more become the first cup of people. But because keep-warm glass material type, vacuum cup brand many, many people when keep-warm glass of choose and buy, what material for the vacuum cup the best there is in doubt. Actually keep-warm glass material which is really good? Today will give you introduce relevant knowledge about stainless steel vacuum cup material of the tank. Keep-warm glass ceramic tank in stainless steel vacuum cup not many in the industry, ceramic is completely harmless, it doesn't like metal cup, plastic cup, use for a long time will have the possibility of intake of harmful substances such as metals, but because of the fragile, also is very heavy, and the relatively short time of heat preservation. So the basic is eliminated. Consumption level 304 stainless steel tank should be food grade 304 stainless steel, stainless steel within the scope of the standard prescribed by the state is safe. Because the stainless steel containing iron, is also our people need to absorb the trace elements of every day. It can not only heat preservation, but also cold, is also easy to use in our daily life. But the stainless steel vacuum cup should not be used to make tea and coffee. Use vacuum cup tea, make tea in a high temperature, constant temperature water for a long time, can cause vitamin a lot of tea are destroyed, and can volatile aromatic oil, tannic acid, theophylline, a large number of leaching, not only reduce the nutritional value of tea, still can make tea juice fragrance-free, tea taste bitter, harmful substances, lose tea should have health care function. The inner glass tank, while health but not drop. Said glass tank is safer, because inorganic silicate glass is kind of sintering and become, is a very stable material, and the glass containing no organic chemicals in the fire, the glass surface is smooth, easy to clean, bacteria and dirt is not easy in the glass, so use glass bravery is the safest. But the shortcoming of glass is easily broken, so use carry not convenient, only suitable for home use.
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