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Stainless steel cup to drink warm boiled water to give you 6 big health care efficacy

by:ER Bottle     2020-05-19
Use stainless steel cup to drink warm boiled water will bring you 6 big health care function: hao bang a cup of warm boiled water is boiled water to cool naturally to 25 - 30 degrees Celsius, and may also be against drinking water to add new water, drinking is not very hot mouth, very comfortable. Often drink warm boiled water can strengthen physical health not only, still have many use. China academy of traditional Chinese medicine xiyuan hospital professor zhang Winston pointed out that after water is boiled, chlorine and other harmful substances volatile, and can guarantee the human body essential nutrients have no loss. Compared with cold boiled water, warm water close to the body temperature, easy to be absorbed nutrition, more important is not to stimulate the stomach. Warm water rinse clean mouth. Warm water clean, gentle, is a benign ulcer, does not stimulate the mouth and throat, gargle with warm water, will feel relaxed and comfortable, make oral bacteria, food particles are more likely to be cleared. Warm water to brush your teeth to protect the gum. Medical research shows that the teeth on the metabolism of optimum temperature of 35 degrees Celsius. If you brush your teeth don't pay attention to the water temperature, easy to cause bleeding gums and cramps, shorten the life of teeth. And early to rise makes a man a cup, good absorption for breakfast. In the morning drink a cup of warm boiled water, water to place can't flush 'clean', help intestines and stomach, liver and kidney, shoulder not only can relieve constipation, reduce the incidence of cerebral thrombosis, myocardial infarction, still can help you effectively absorb breakfast. After getting up in the morning, therefore, must remember to drink 1 - 2 cups ( 200 - 400 ml) Warm boiled water. Choke, hurriedly to drink warm boiled water. Warm water as lubricant, on dredge pipes, retention of the esophagus, has the very good 'psychic'. Good therapy effect. Let drunk people drink boiled water, immediately can effectively dilute alcohol, protect the liver, compensation for drunk vomiting lost a lot of water. 'Stomach' secret best morning drink warm boiled water first cup of water to drink warm boiled water since morning. Since morning drink can promote blood circulation, prevent cardiovascular disease. Ordinary people in the morning drink plain boiled water as well, should not add salt ( If drink salt water can aggravate the hypertonic dehydration, more dry mouth. Besides, the first peak of human blood pressure, is in the morning drink salt water can make blood pressure higher) 。 Constipation, drink honey water is a good choice. Get up early in the morning hollow drink no more than 150 ml.
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