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see the whales swimming in an ocean of 70,000 plastic water bottles

by:ER Bottle     2020-01-09
Highway race-
Whether it\'s a 5 K, 10 K, a half marathon, or a tough 26. 2-
A mile from the marathon.
This is undoubtedly an achievement to celebrate.
But the cheering crowd dispersed, and after athletes returned home with medals, a large amount of garbage, including tens of thousands of plastic bottles, was often left on the sidewalk.
In the face of criticism that hosting events is an \"environmental disaster\", races are increasingly promoting their sustainability.
But a design and model cod steak house in Bristol, England, people-
The production company decided to use the water bottles left behind after this year\'s Bath marathon and Bristol\'s 10 k race to focus its attention on a broader issue: a large number of plastic marine life in the world\'s oceans must swim.
With funding from the British Arts Council, cod steak, in collaboration with the artist Earth project, created the \"Bristol whale\", a life
Large environmental art installation in the city center of Bristol.
It depicts two huge mammals coming out of the plastic \"ocean.
The head of the whale is nearly 30 feet long and weighs 2 lbs.
5 tons each, while the tail is almost 50 feet long and weighs 3 lbs. 5 tons each.
They are woven from the rich biodegradable willow trees growing in the area, but the waves are built by 70,000 plastic bottles discarded by spectators and runners in two road races.
The bottles that make up the body of the whale are strung on a steel frame and the water drop is the cap.
A little bubble package was added to the top of the wave to resemble the foam, illuminated with LED lighting at night installation.
Related: putting a warning label on bottled water may not be as crazy as it sounds, \"whales are smart, beautiful, attractive animals and have become a symbol of the world\'s oceans, sue lipscom, chief artist and managing director, said in a statement.
\"The ocean where we recycle plastic bottles represents the harmful effects of plastic pollution on the ocean, which is something we can all take action on --today—
By reducing the consumption of disposable plastics.
\"The cod steak and its partners are inviting people to visit the exhibition, which will end.
1. promise to ditch a single-
Use plastic bottles. In 2014, U. S.
Residents are expected to spend £ 10.
9 million gallons of bottled water.
If you want to know how the company\'s product sales have been over the years, please consider: in 1976, the average person drinks only one gallon of bottled water per year, but according to the Pacific Research Institute, by 2017, everyone spends more than 300 gallons a year.
Peter Gleick, chairman and founder of the Institute, recently told The Washington Post that, according to his estimates,
Thirty used water bottles were finally thrown into the trash.
\"The bottled water industry is right, but misleading is that the plastic that comes in is recyclable,\" Gleick said . \".
\"This is misleading because \'recyclable\' is not the same thing as \'recyclable.
In fact, a person needs 450.
According to the Environmental Protection Agency, plastic bottles are used to degrade.
At the same time, the United Nations Environment Programme data found that plastic waste caused about $13 billion in damage to beaches and marine habitats.
\"Plastic has caused great damage to the marine environment: killing animals, poisoning the food chain and choking the bottom of the sea,\" said Herbie Girardet, director of the artist Earth project . \".
\"The area of the Pacific garbage belt is six times that of the United States. K.
The floating plastic Island is located in the Pacific Ocean, between Hawaii and California, on the humpback whale migration route.
These whales really swim in the plastic ocean and eat the rubbish we discard because they are filter food animals.
\"Whales and their plastic wave have been hit on social media since its first installation in July, and people have released hundreds of photos of whales.
Related Reports on TakePart: high-end department stores ban the sale of about 99% of marine plastic has disappeared.
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