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school children recycle waste for food

by:ER Bottle     2020-01-25
In Colchester, primary school students recycle plastic bottles and cans in exchange for school stationery, clothing and food.
Thamara Gqogqani, a seventh-grade student, said she has been looking for empty plastic bottles and metal cans that she has stored at home.
\"Because my parents don\'t work, it helps my family a lot.
I collect empty plastic bottles around because I know I will get groceries and school stationery from the store at the end of the month.
According to aGroundUp, Colchester is located 40 km kilometers north of Port Elizabeth and is one of the poor communities in Nelson Mandela Bay. A few bed-and-
Breakfast facilities and the Spar supermarket on the N2 highway are the main employers of the town.
Cole Chester recovery Swop store in August 2015 as an non-for-
The profit organization operates in two containers at Colchester primary school.
\"We\'re here on the last Friday of each month,\" said Sue Lake, who runs the show.
The children brought empty plastic bottles and cans used.
They were weighed and got a points ticket based on the weight.
They were then helped to select something from The swop store to get the value of the points.
We serve children between the ages of two and fifteen. year-olds. . .
We rely on donations from personal and Sunshine Coast Charity Trust
Perishable food.
We reserve food, donated clothes, toys, toiletries, stationery and books for our children.
Food is the most popular because there are a lot of poor people in the area and the unemployment rate is high.
Lake says recycling teaches children about the environment, and they can make a difference even when they are children.
She said that when the children brought recycled materials to the store, they were very proud of how big their bags were.
Wendy ndabra, who lives in Colchester with her four children, said: \"This has not only helped us in cleaning the environment, but our children have also grown up with a sense of responsibility.
They always teach us at home, it is not good to throw rubbish everywhere because there is money in empty plastic bottles.
\"I am no longer buying school supplies for my children because they have to work to collect empty bottles and cans in order to exchange them with books, food or clothes.
Thamsaqa Maseti, 68, with five children, said he helped the swop store pack plastic bottles and checked whether people lined up patiently.
\"I got some money to help with this project.
This money is helping my family to purchase other essentials such as electricity bills coupons and transportation when I want to travel.
\"There are usually 80 to 150 children coming to the program,\" says Lake. . .
I think it\'s important to give the kids a \"raise your hand\" instead of a handout.
Since dumping is an ongoing problem, we also spent a day cleaning up the garbage with the children. . .
The children have talked a few times about recycling and hope that they will have a positive impact in the community.
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