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Riding the bicycle is a great experience for most

by:ER Bottle     2020-07-23
Just like while working out in a gym or doing other form of sport, you run out of energy and need to hydrate from time to time. In case of indoor or outdoor sports and exercise you may take a break to have a sip of water or energy drink. However, in case of riding, if you stop for refreshment, you may break your speed and form. Plus, it is likely that when you are out you may not find a store for buying water. And dehydration while exercising may lead to serious issues in your body. This is where a bicycle bottle cage is useful. A bottle cage is a bike accessory that is attached to your bike for the purpose of holding your drink bottle. In fact, they have been in use since 1960s, when the cyclists carried their bottles near the handlebar stems. First noticed by everyone during one of the Tour de France pictures, these were soon held in a cage near bike seat for accessibility. The most popular position to put a bottle cage on your bike is the near the bike fenders or down tube. Alternate positions can be used to fix extra cages to your bike. The standard bottle cage usually has two mounting holes, which are designed to suit the threaded holes in the frame. Using bolts, this cage is secured firmly on the frame. You may find adjustable straps in some bottle cages which are meant for non standard bottles. These cages are available in many different materials like carbon fiber, plastic, alloy and steel. There are other varieties of cages too.They have a single hoop of metal tubing or rod bent to hold the bottle snugly and engage the top. Often you may find an indentation in the case of larger bottles, to prevent it from bouncing out. These cages may be used for other functions also like, attaching it to bike trainers or handles to hold the bottle-shaped batteries for lights, which help in lighting up the road. Thus, it is best to invest in these products to enhance the functionality and usability of your bikes.
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