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return of the milkman: glass bottle deliveries up 25 per cent as families join plastic backlash

by:ER Bottle     2020-02-01
Glass bottles that can be returned, cleaned and repackaged
Second hand products are making a comeback as a rebound in plastics.
According to data from the British dairy industry, the door-to-door delivery of glass bottles increased by a quarter in just two years to about 1 million.
With the family no longer using plastic, the traditional milkman is the best option for those who turn to a relatively heavier glass bottle.
A recyclable glass bottle has an average of 20 round trips at the door, while the plastic version is only used once.
Angelo Dragon of Nigel dairy supplies south and west Wales, saying there is new milk demand in the glass bottle.
The glass bottle is back, he says, and people seem to really want to put it on shelves.
\"We see communities coming together and supporting-
Plastic sports.
Our Facebook page is filled with questions like, \"Where do you store glass bottles where I live?
\"\'The cry to avoid waste of plastic-led by mail reversing the tide of plastic movement-saw shoppers who had avoided the milkman for the sake of the supermarket.
Demand for home delivery at the Park dairy farm in East London with 25 floats has risen sharply.
Paul Lough, warehouse manager, said: \"We have seen tremendous growth.
I think it\'s largely because people are trying to stay away from plastic.
I think the idea of going back to glass bottles and milk floats attracts imagination.
Cotteswold Dairy, located in Tewkesbury, Gloucester, said it had noticed a boom.
Ross Anne McEwan, brand development manager, said: \"Since my grandfather started his business in 1938, we have produced and bottled glass milk.
When the supermarket began selling milk, sales fell.
However, over the past few years, we have noticed that more people are interested in door-to-door delivery, and even in the past week, we have received 50 new calls.
With all the recent news about the use of plastic, people want to use glass bottles to hold milk as a way to help reduce plastic consumption.
In 2016, dairy giant Mueller acquired Hanworth Dairy in southwest London and promised to retain its glass bottling plant and delivery service, which has been designated to close.
Since then, the company has created milk and more services to bring bottled milk and other products to 600,000 gates across the country.
Patrick Muller, head of milk, said Glass bottles were \"part of British life \".
However, it is not cheap to stay away from plastic.
A milkman put a pint of milk in a glass bottle for about 70 p, while the supermarket put 50 p.
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