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railway stall owners charging exorbitant rates for water | surat news - times of india

by:ER Bottle     2020-01-13
Surat: passengers are forced to buy mineral water bottles from stalls at excessive prices because the water dispenser has become
It ran at the train station for two days.
Passengers must pay Rs25 for packaged drinking water bottles as most cold water centers at the train station are in non-
Working conditions.
The concession stall owner of the railway station charges Rs25 for the 1 liter railway Neer water bottle, not the Rs15 fixed by the Indian Railway.
The booking counter and the water dispenser on the platform did not work for the past two days, sources said.
On Saturday, citizen groups issued an orange alert in the city as temperatures soared to 44 °c.
A yellow alert has been issued in the next two days.
On the one hand, the Indian railway has introduced vending machines to provide drinking water at a low price, and on the other hand, because most machines are not the case, passengers are forced to buy water from kiosks and shops at a higher price
Rakesh Yadav said he was a passenger traveling to Mumbai.
Rakesh Shah, the Advisory Committee of the Weizhi railway users consulting committee (ZURCC)
Gujarat is said to have been experiencing a heat wave for the past two days.
Twice the amount of water used.
Folds in state.
In this case, the railway department must ensure that the cold water dispenser is in working condition.
A senior official from the commercial department of Surat railway station said that we received complaints from passengers about kiosks and stall owners that they charged an additional fee for one liter of packaged water.
The price of one-liter water bottle is fixed at Rs15, and the price of half-liter water bottle is fixed at Rs10.
We have strengthened the monitoring of the station to attract the stall owners to charge more for the water.
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