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quilted hot water bottle cover

by:ER Bottle     2020-01-10
Here\'s my first note: I\'m not sure how popular the thermos is around the world, but in the uk I find my thermos essential
Accessories are available most of the year.
I need a new cover anyway, so I thought I would share the process with you.
Collect your tools and materials first.
You can do the project by hand, but it will speed up with sewing machine.
I didn\'t go out and buy anything because there was a lot of fabric around my house that needed to be used.
Other things: pins, needles and embroidery needles (
Sharp points)
, Embroidered silk, sharp scissors (
If you have scissors
, Wadd, various buttons, some card circles (
The grain box will be perfect)
The fabric of the main cover, and of course the Thermos (
Hardware stores, chemists, and possibly online these days).
If you like my instructions
Don\'t forget to vote for it in the \"sewing warm\" contest --thanks!
The first thing I did was make Suffolk puffs with decorative covers.
Make a card template first (
Draw a circle around a cup or roller coaster or something and cut it off --
Size is up to you).
Then use the template to draw circles on different pieces of fabric. -
Cut off your fabric ring and then sew a continuous needle near the edge. -
Pull your puff together in the center-
Flatten the puffs so you can have half the size of the original round. -
Ensure by stitching several times in the middle of the puff (
Then it will not be revoked). -
Finally press the puff and let it sit well, flat and round.
Put puffs aside.
To make a cover pattern, draw your water bottle in some newspapers, and then draw around that line, leaving a 1/2 margin (
Look at the red pen is the size of the bottle, the green pen is the size of the cover pattern).
Cut the bigger shape
This will be your model.
Find some fabric for your cover inside and outside (
The point you can\'t see).
These can be the same fabric or they can be different.
I used navy blue outside and boring gray inside (
In the end, your wadd will also be sandwiched between these to produce a quilting effect).
First of all, you need to cut the front.
So pin your cover pattern to the Navy (outisde)
Fabric and cut around it.
Repeat with gray (inside).
When cutting out the paper feeder, leave half-
The extra part of the inch so that the filler moves when quilting.
It moves sometimes.
No one knows why.
Once you have finished the cut in front, you need to cut for the back (
Insert side seam of bottle).
Cut your pattern into two pieces (as shown)
And pin these on the outer fabric, leaving a gap of 4 or 5 inch between the two.
Here you can see hem and over
So the bottle won\'t fall out).
I drew my lines with chalk lead, but you can draw them with your eyes if you want (
Or just use a regular pencil).
Cut around these blocks, just like outside, inside.
Finally, fix your feet on wadd and don\'t forget to leave half an inch more on the edge to allow wadd-shifs.
Clip your filler between the outside and the debris inside and nail them together --
It\'s a good idea to use a lot of pins because you don\'t want them to move too much.
It is also possible to fix the hem to the slot on the back by folding the outside (navy)
Fabric once and then twice so it overlaps with gray fabric
You don\'t want any wadding to show. Next tack (baste)your pieces -
Quilting 1st steps.
I use the color line, so it\'s easy to see.
Will be broken later (
So bright color)-
They just connected things there.
They don\'t need to be important or tidy, but it\'s a good idea to keep them normal.
I am inclined but the vertical and horizontal seams are also good.
So nail the front and back.
It will take a while but it is important so don\'t skip it.
Put some good things on TV and you will finish it soon.
You can then remove the pin from the edge.
When you finish your orange tracking, put your Suffolk puffs on your cover.
When you are satisfied with where they are sitting, nail them on.
I also drew my stems and leaves with chalk lead, so I\'ll know where I\'m going.
Then sew these with sliding needles.
Keep the stitches as small as possible so they don\'t show up.
But make sure you push the needle all the way to the gray fabric at the back
You need to put these things together.
I use the line to match the color of my puffs.
It\'s always a good idea to use gray if your thread head is low
The hue of most colors.
I learned this stiich from my mom a few years ago, but for some of the more sophisticated stitching and techniques, I highly recommend stitching it! by Ruth Singer.
I hope you can find the instructions online these days, but I like my book (see youtube).
You may also need Ruth Singh\'s book to learn about chain stitching (
The photo is her book).
I make thick stems with chain needles and thin stems and leaves with back needles.
The main thing to keep in mind is that you want to get the needle through all three layers of fabric so that quiting can hold-
When you make beautiful patterns, you also connect your fabric together (
Don\'t forget that the orange tortillas will roll out later).
The gray or interior of the cover will look like the final picture here.
Remember to decorate the back of the cover!
I have a can of cute buttons for Christmas so I decided to sew some of them on my puffs (flowers).
Again, remember to pull the line all the way to the gray layer.
These buttons are also useful if you have a big hole in the center of your puff
It\'s beautifully filled!
Take your work (
Gray side together)
At the top of each other, eat at the bottle
You can now see that you have too much allowance outside, don\'t worry.
The back of your cover needs to overlap 2 or 3 inch so the bottle doesn\'t slide out --
So consider this when nailing together.
Pins around the bottle (
About half an inch from the side)
Sewing with the machine
You can do it by hand, but it will take longer.
Next, trim the excess padding and fabric from the edge.
I would say trim half an inch from the seam you just made.
I use flat cuts, but ordinary ones (sharp)
Scissors are also good.
These last steps can be in any order, but here I sew my \"seam warm\" slogan.
I wrote the words with a chalk pencil first, and then made the letters with the reverse needle.
Now, you can finally get the orange tortillas out.
Your cap will be different right away!
Finally, you need to do some binding to trim and cover the original edges.
I made some binding with the same gray fabric as inside the bottle, but you can easily get the bias binding --
You may find it simpler.
I cut fabric strips about 2 inch wide and then sew them together so I have enough time to get around.
To avoid seeing the original edges, fold the edges of the gray fabric before fixing to the cover --
Although a little fidgety, but still worth it.
Fix it in all positions in front of the lid, then pull it over and fix it in all positions behind the lid (
Remember to fold around the edge to make it neat.
Now, you can stitch your trim again using slipstitch (
Like puffs).
You can do this on the machine, but I think it looks more beautiful to do it by hand.
Again, it will take a while, but if you see The Great Gatsby on TV, it\'s a great winter event. YAY -
Your cap is over!
Fill it up with hot water and snuggle together!
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