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quality of physalis (physalis pubescens l.) juice packaged in glass bottles and flexible laminated packs during storage at 5[degrees]c.

by:ER Bottle     2020-01-29
Introduction The fruit of tomato shell belongs to eggplant.
Native to tropical and subtropical America.
The sour fruit and juice contain particularly high levels of tobacco, carrots and minerals [1].
The maximum output per plant can reach 0.
5 kg kinds of fruits and well-cared for plants can be provided 20-
[33 tons/hectare]2].
The fruit is berries (1. 25-2 cm, wide)
, Smooth, wax, orange-
Huang Ren.
The part of the acid pulp that can be used is made of skin (6%)andberry (94%).
They are protected by paper shells, and there are many tiny seeds in the juicy flesh, which are sweet like Chinese lanterns [3].
In some international markets, the acid paste has already gained popularity.
For example, Europeans often pay high prices for dipping berries in chocolate or decorating cakes and pies.
In addition to being the future of fresh fruit, exotic fruits can be enjoyed in many ways as fun ingredients in salads, cooked food, desserts and jams and natural snacks [4].
Very long fruit
Lasting, can be stored in a sealed container, can be frozen or stored in a dry atmosphere for several months [5].
The acid paste is on the list of priorities for many government gardening and fruit export programs.
Relatively unknown in the import market, it is still a foreign fruit [6].
Exported to Colombia, Africa and other countries;
But Colombia is one of the largest producers, consumers and exporters [7].
In the country, plants hold second place in the priority list of 15 kinds of fruit that can be exported.
Exports of the crop amounted to $14 million in 20048].
Acid paste is already known in Egypt.
Recently, due to the high recognition of local consumption, the economic importance of sour pulp is rising and great success has been achieved in the Arab and European markets [6].
The quality and shelf life of the juice depends on a range of internal parameters and several external factors related to the product, and packaging is one of them [9].
China Technology Development Group]10]
Glass containers are reported to be inert and will not react or migrate to food.
However, activities [11]
It is believed that sodium migration is involved in the deammonia mechanism of sodium lime glass.
Sodium plays a key role in enzyme operation and muscle traction.
Important to osmo
Regulation of the human body and fluid maintenance.
Other health effects of sodium include heart performance, nervous system, and glucose absorption.
Although sodium is an essential nutrient in a balanced diet, it can also lead to gastric cancer and high blood pressure [12].
People with kidney disease and edema should strictly limit the intake of sodium in their daily diet [12].
Over the past few years, there has been concern that the extraction of aluminum from cookware and beefagepacks [lead to aluminum exposure]13].
Some aluminum compounds have been found to be an important part of nerve damage in Alzheimer\'s disease.
Many studies over the past decade have focused on the role of aluminum in the development of this disease [14].
In addition, the utilization of sour fruit in the food industry has not been noted, and there is little data available in the literature on the nutritional properties and industrial utilization of sour fruit.
For the first time, this work provides useful information for the storage properties and industrial applications of acid pulp.
The purpose of this study is to evaluate nutrition and biology
During the period of 6 months of cold storage, the physical properties of the acid pulp juice packaged in glass bottles and flexible laminated packaging (5 [+ or -]1[degrees]C, 85-90%RH).
In order to develop the acid pulp as a commercial crop, the data obtained will serve as an indicator of the potential nutritional and economic value of the acid pulp as a source of untapped tropical juices.
Materials and methods biological materials
The fruit is obtained from the local village of growsat Arab ElRawshda in the Toukh area of Qalyoubia province in northern EgyptMay 2004 season.
The complete fruit is chosen according to the degree of maturity measured by the color of the fruit (
Bright orange).
Analyze fresh fruit immediately after harvest.
Get the packaging material colorless glass bottle with capacity 240g from el-
Nasr glass industry, Cairo, Egypt.
The flexible laminated filler is made of polyester, aluminum foil and high density polyethylene (PES/FOIL/HDPE).
Table 1 gives the specification of the flexible laminated film.
Flexible layer packs buy fromEgyptian can Co. , Ltd.
Aga, Dhaka, Egypt.
The extraction and preparation of sour juice fruit is hand-shelled, and the mature and complete ones are selected for classification, which is mainly graded according to color and then cleaned.
Then, fruit crusher for fruit (
German Type 2001 Bolang)
For juice extraction.
Filter the juice in the cheese cloth to separate the seeds and skin and add sucrose to 17% of the total soluble solid \"TSS;
Pasteurized acid syrup [degrees]C for 3 min.
After heat treatment 0.
3% citric acid and 0.
Add 1% sodium benzoate to prevent the growth of non-essential microorganisms such as lactic acid bacteria, fermented yeast, etc.
Pasteurized juice is packed in hot filling with glass bottles and then suddenly cooled in a cold water bath.
Store processed juice in the refrigerator [5]+ or -]1[degrees]C, 85-
90% RHfor 6 months.
The main nutritional components of crude protein in acid pulp juice were determined by trace Kaishi nitrogen determination method, and the conversion coefficient was used (%N x 6. 25)
According to the method mentioned in AOAC [15].
The pH value of the prepared sample is 25 [degrees]
By using digital pH-meter (
England, type 3020)
According to the method described in AOAC [15].
The total carrot content was determined in 80% Acetone Extract and the luminosity was measured at 440 nm, such ([micro]g. [mL. sup. -1])
According to the AOAC method 【15].
Reducing sugar was determined (as glucose)
Dubois et al reported color measurements at 490 nm. [16].
0 titration of total acid.
With phenol as the indicator, it is indicated by a sample of no water citric acid/100g.
Vitamin C was estimated at [760 nm] using a color metric method17].
The total phenol substance was determined (as tannic acid)
Color Measurement by theFolin-at 640nm
Ciocalteu method [18].
Statistical analysis of data stored for two-way variance analysis (
Analysis of variance
The significance is set to p
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