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poll: cash for plastic. what else do i have to pay for?

by:ER Bottle     2020-02-01
If there is a way for the state Senate Committee on Environment and Energy, the problem now could be \"plastic or cash\" and the Senate panel has approved a bill, charge five cents for every plastic shopping bag shoppers use in the store.
Retailers will be required to charge fees in 2014 and will only give customers recyclable paper or plastic bags by 2015.
If customers bring reusable bags themselves, they can get a credit for nickel.
According to the group members, the cost of plastic bags will be used to clean Barnegat Bay, and environmental experts say that the life of Barnegat Bay is killed by a variety of contaminants.
According to NJ
Readers, there are many reasons to like or hate this bill.
Here is a sample of the comments.
Let us know how you feel by voting and adding comments: Good idea!
Good news!
It\'s time to start removing plastic from the environment and the food chain.
This is an important first step.
In 2011, Operation clean the ocean found that plastic shopping bags ranked ninth among the types of garbage collected.
Plastic parts ranked first, followed by plastic caps and covers, plastic wrapping paper, plastic straws, cigarette butts, plastic foam, plastic bottles and glass.
Okay, how about the rest of the world not where the beach is? I bet one of those big black plastic garbage bags is more than 1,000 of those small shopping bags.
I don\'t think I have to worry about this, huhcmag1971 I don\'t think it\'s a big deal.
In the world of free enterprise, I usually oppose the invasion of any government.
Europeans have been doing this for years: Costco, BJ and Sam are doing the same.
If this is not the pig (
Take a look along the sides of 80 or 46)
Maybe I don\'t want to say it\'s okay. But they are.
I would also like to see a return on bottles and refunds.
Maybe even in cans!
There will be a lot less bottles and jars around Betcha.
Greg Ariousknot I was a consultant at a landfill site in Greencastle PA and that\'s the problem.
Most of these grocery plastic bags thrown away by \"empty\" tend to blow around landiles.
20 years ago, they became such a serious problem at the landfill that they had to hire additional staff to try to retrieve plastic bags that were \"floating\" from the landfill, A large windshield fence must be erected to try to hold the blown away bag on the landfill.
Too much money, The Joe Schmo store should first be allowed to charge the exact cost of buying each plastic bag.
5 cents too much.
Bob made more laws and rules in order to make it difficult to do business in the state.
Wondering why the unemployment rate in New Jersey is so high that these lawmakers can\'t solve the real big problems facing the state, so they waste their time on such things.
The government should be responsible, stop taking my money and regulate my life, thah is taxing me more and more.
Next, we will be criminals if I have a plastic bag in my hand. . . .
Getting life HippiesI doesn\'t care about barnegat baynj Paine, why should the money go to the shore? We have a lot of lakes and rivers that need help as well, whether it goes through some sweetheart deals or some senators, this bill stinks very well, it\'s not well considered, and there\'s another loophole in getting taxes.
Under the Act, the funds raised by Brian under the act will be used to clean Barnegat Bay.
I don\'t know that all these bags are over in Ghent Bay, Bahrain, and as they used to say, it\'s funny to laugh, but does anyone remember how the use of paper bags by environmental activists decades ago resulted? Their efforts have increased the use of plastic bags.
Now they want us to go back.
Garbage in general legislation.
There\'s all sorts of garbage, plastic, paper on the New Jersey highway, you can say that.
Anyone catches the pitch, GARCH (
Including cigatette, and use)
In addition to the proper container, citizens should be arrested anywhere (
According to the regulations, there will be no impact on whistleblowers)
Should let the culprit clean the pollution pit
Eat bread and water at your own expense and serve 60 days in prison. I\'m serious.
I like reusable electronics.
E. coli spread, canvas bag is also.
I think everyone should use them.
It is impossible to get the money to the Bay of Banghart.
Politicians are so two-faced that they talk about the environment and tax all of us, and in the long run the money goes to all the other money.
The two men paid a high price for the operation of the government. What a joke.
I have no problem with this Mgt06. . . .
But the money will be used to clean up Barnegat Bay and yes, it will definitely go there. . .
We go there and impose another tax on the people.
The money will be another dedicated pleasure that politicians use to borrow money and drain, so they can steal more money from us and arrange sponsorship work to manage.
Estreetman do they also charge for plastic bags, hoping for more New Jersey political attention to @ njerseypolitics on Twitter and like us on Facebook.
You can also contact David Chmiel at dchmiel @ nj. Or call 201-273-3687.
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