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police say water bottle bomb used in starbucks blast

by:ER Bottle     2020-01-19
Police in New York say a crude bomb made of water bottles was used in the explosion, which damaged a Starbucks coffee shop in the Upper East Side of New York.
The Memorial Day blast damaged the store, but no one was injured and no motive was identified for the blast.
\"We believe so. . . a six-to 10-
On Wednesday, New York police chief Ray Kelly told CNN: \"An ounce of water bottle packed with black tape . \".
The powder of the bomb may come from fireworks components, including fuses, he said.
The powder is placed in the bottle in a \"more powerful\" way, Kelly said.
The forensic department is looking for fingerprints, he said.
Homemade bombs exploded at about 3: 30. m.
The glass was broken but no one was hurt.
The store did not open.
Police said the device was installed under a wooden stool outside the coffee shop.
\"We have a witness who believes that he sees two young people who he describes as teenagers, both white men,\" the commissioner said . \".
One is described as blonde, wearing a red shirt, the other is brown hair and a gray shirt.
Witnesses saw the two approached Starbucks and then looked away, Kelly said.
Witnesses heard the explosion and said he saw two young men running out of the building.
Kelly said there is no way to determine whether the explosion was politically motivated.
\"We don\'t know if they are a company target or if there is a problem [with]
Overall, what happened in that corner. . .
We don\'t rule out anything.
\"On 1999, a Starbucks in Seattle, Washington, was destroyed at a World Trade Conference.
On February 2008, a Starbucks and another restaurant in Vancouver were damaged by a night bomb.
Police in New York said they knew about the two incidents, but Kelly said it was too early to draw a conclusion.
\"In the past, they [Starbucks]
This has been identified by the globalization movement. . . .
We are not saying this is the case.
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