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plastic bottle boat!

by:ER Bottle     2020-01-07
In this Instructure I will show you how to make a ship completely with plastic bottles!
It takes only two things to make the completed ship.
Plastic bottles (
About 120 of any kind)Tape (
Strong, waterproof)
Once you have all the materials, find some space and make some time!
The first thing you have to do is make sure you have a solid base with the weight on it.
The design is similar to a simple plane. bottomed boat.
So in order to build the dock, we need to make a few water bottles first.
Start by taking ten water bottles and place them as shown above.
Then wrap one around with tape.
Repeat the process again.
Then, make 4 with nine bottles.
Finally, two with eight bottles.
Now what you want to do is position your straps as shown in the photo above and tape them together to form the finished deck.
Make sure to cover any holes on the deck with waterproof tape.
For the hull, we need to do something: once you collect the supplies, highlight the water bottle in red at the top of the designated place found in the picture above.
For long lines, use your bar.
The last step is to sit down.
For this step you need: once you have two straps, the only thing you have to do is stick them to the spots shown in the picture above with tape and highlight them in blue.
Have fun on your new boat! :)
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