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pharmaceuticals packaging market analysis 2022

by:ER Bottle     2020-01-21
In 2015, the market value of pharmaceutical packaging was US $68. 749 billion, which is expected to reach US $104. 882 billion by 2022, with a compound growth rate of 6.
3% according to a new report released by United market research, from 2016 to 2022.
At 2015, plastic bottles occupy two together with outer-gut containers-
Five times the total market share.
In 2015, Europe and North America jointly occupied about two-
In terms of sales volume, it is the third largest market share.
India has met the growing demand for environmental issues through technological advances;
The pharmaceutical packaging market is expected to grow at a compound growth rate of 7. 36%.
Download sample PDF manual: well-known businesses operating on the market include Amcor Limited, Berry plastic, gerresheeran AG, Becton dickerinson and Company, MeadWestvaco Corporation, Irwin-Illinois Inc.
, Short pharmaceutical packaging company and western pharmaceutical service company
The expansion of the general market, advances in technology and strict government regulations on traditional packaging are the main factors driving market growth.
In addition, various technologies such as RFIDs, temper-
Clear Packaging, holographic photography, labeling and special ink used to combat counterfeit medicines.
Investment and Innovation in R & D activities have driven market participants to launch manufacturing projects in an ecological environment
Friendly and biodegradable packaging is expected to surge in the near future.
In addition, patent expiry of various drugs is expected to fuel the drug packaging market during the forecast period.
The compound annual growth rate of plastic bottles and outer gut containers is expected to be 4. 84% and 8.
The Forecast period was 45%.
This is because the packaging company has been focusing on ecology.
Friendly packaging materials, technology and technology to overcome the growing environmental problems.
Major findings of Asian pharmaceutical packaging market
The Pacific is expected to continue to dominate the market during the forecast period, followed by Europe.
Plastic bottles occupy two together with outer-gut containers-
In terms of income, the total share of five.
The composite annual growth rate in the Middle East is expected to be 7.
2% from 2016 to 2022.
South Korea is growing faster in Asia
Pacific pharmaceutical packaging market, registered CAGR is 7. 4%.
• In Europe, France is expected to grow at a compound annual rate of 6. 3%.
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