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Organizing a reception is part of almost every

by:ER Bottle     2020-06-27
It is a custom to provide a small token of appreciation to your guests and instead of the usual favors, why not go with something that is a useful and an unforgettable reminder of your big day. Reflect and think about what it is you are interested in as a couple. Make the wedding favor a reflection of your personalities. If you are fond of eco friendly favor, give them a starter tree, small gift pack of seeds or plant in a decorative tin. The seeds can also be attached to place cards made for each of your guests.Edible gifts are sure to be well received by everyone. Truffles or cookies placed in small Favors Boxes, elegantly packaged drink mixes, and cellophane wrapped, creatively coated candy apples can be enjoyed at the reception or taken home. Non edible, food related gifts like heart shaped spoons and cookie cutters can be tied neatly together with ribbon and a small thank you note. A household wedding favor is also a good idea and something they can use for years to come. Stainless steel kitchen utensils, decorative fridge magnets, and coasters are just to name a few. Some of these ideas are customizable with the couple's name and wedding date if they want to include it. Wine wedding favor are always a big hit. Aside from the traditional champagne flutes, other great Wedding Wine Favors include a wine stopper in a multitude of shapes, bottle openers, and a convenient combination bottle pourer and stopper. Bottle stoppers can be used on more than just wine bottles so it won't be limited only to only certain guests. It's probable that not all of your guests drink wine. It used to be that weddings were typically held in summer but nowadays fall and winter weddings are just as popular. Fall is a beautiful time of year with the multicoloured leaves on all the trees. Perhaps you'd like a fall theme to decorate your tables. Chocolates or other edible goodies in decorative, fall themed wedding favors boxes would add splash of color to each table. Fall themed glassed, bottle stoppers and coasters could be wrapped up in clear cellophane. Candle wedding favor open up a host of options and are a warm sentiment. All sizes of candles can be purchased in different shapes and fragrances or to match the colors you will be using in your wedding. Ideas range from novelty candles to tealights, votives and elegant or whimsical holders. Online shops will probably have the largest selection of Wedding Candle Favors. Don't forget to pick up a cake topper for your wedding cake. It used to be that you could only buy Bride and Groom Cake Toppers, now there are other fun toppers on the market. Sporty themes, couples in various funny situations, burly and curvy bride and groom and even a topper with an expecting bride will be a memorable conversations piece! Whatever your choice, give your guests something from the heart to remember well after your wedding day.
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