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op-chart; how green is my bottle?

by:ER Bottle     2020-01-18
This Wednesday is Earth Day and all the \"green\" things will be celebrated.
However, it is worth mentioning: how environmental protection is the \"green\" product?
Consider, for example, a model of this ecology.
Pros: stainless steel water bottle, let\'s replenish water without dropping endless plastic bottles.
Using a method called Life cycle assessment, we evaluated the environmental and health effects of stainless steel thermos bottles-
From the extraction and processing of its ingredients to their manufacture, distribution, use and final disposal.
There are some surprises.
What we think of as \"green\" is not so important (
Yes, sometimes morethan we assume.
Is stainless steel really better than plastic?
A stainless steel bottle is obviously much worse than a plastic bottle.
Production 300-
Grams of stainless steel bottles require 7 times of fossil fuel, release 14 times of greenhouse gas, require the extraction of hundreds of times of metal resources, and create hundreds of times of toxic risks to people and ecosystems
G plastic bottle.
If you are going to drink only one cup in your life, buy plastic.
However, buying stainless steel bottles may prevent you from using countless plastic bottles and then throwing them away.
Think about the environmental harm caused by making more and more plastic-
The electricity needed to make polybendiester resin into a bottle, the burning of fossil fuels to produce this electricity, the energy and emissions used to mine coal and convert crude oil into fuel, and it continues.
It comes down to this: if your stainless steel bottle replaces 50 plastic bottles, the climate will be better and if it is used 500 times, it can beat the plastic in all environments
Category of impacts studied in life cycle assessment.
It is important to remember that the 21st century inherited the 20 th (
Sometimes on the 19 th)
Manufacturing processes and industrial chemicals developed when no one knows-
Or so much. -
About Environmental damage
But while climate change requires urgent ecological action, the crisis also provides a huge opportunity to start a business; we need to re-
To protect the Earth, invent everything.
Again, we should not discount some old solutions.
Before heating in stainless steel, before bottled water, we already have an ecosystem
Friendly way to get water: water dispenser.
New York Knicks Bock)
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