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NOS kits are extremely popular, but not many people

by:ER Bottle     2020-06-26
Nitrous is also known as NOS. This refers to the Nitrous Oxide Systems, which is the name of a company popular for its pioneering research into NOS injection systems to improve car performance in racing. NOS kits are now easily available world-wide in spite of the fact that their use is illegal in some countries. The use of these kits in car racing results in the engine being able to burn more fuel and air. This brings on the effect of a very powerful combustion. Because the gas is not flammable, its capability of delivering oxygen by breaking down at high temperatures is greater than that of atmospheric air. The best NOS kits on the market work quite simply. A bottle of nitrous oxide is mounted in the boot of the car at an angle to ensure that no NOS is wasted. This bottle is connected via a stainless steel hose that runs to the engine of the car where it is connected to a nitrous solenoid valve. This valve in turn is wired to two switches to activate the system. When the driver presses the respective switch on the dashboard and presses the foot to the floor, the valve is opened by the nitrous oxide solenoid. This is when a spray of NO enters the engine of your car. To create a powerful combustion, extra fuel is also injected into the engine at the same time. The use of a NOS kit can generate a great amount of power. It can actually go from 10 bhp to 250 bhp in a matter of seconds. The NOS kit can even be upgraded if required to increase this power. All that is needed is to change some of the jets located in the solenoid. It is simple and cheap to do. NOS kits however do not come without problems. The bursts of power it encourages can be high enough to actually damage or even destroy the car the NOS kit is being used in. It is important that the structure of the respective car be properly reinforced with the necessary tools to make sure that no damage is incurred.There should be proper operating temperatures maintained as well as fuel levels so that there is no detonation or premature ignition. These problems are however not really connected to mechanical failure but rather cylindrical pressure. A NOS kit causes a denser charge into the cylinder which increases pressure which in turn can result in pre-ignition because of uneven heating.
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