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no more \'montezuma\'s revenge\': mexico city tries to clean up tap water image

by:ER Bottle     2020-01-23
-\"Drink the water.
\"This is a strange suggestion for the residents of Mexico City, who have long avoided tap water and have turned to bottled tap water, which is also unfamiliar to the large number of tourists visiting the city every year, brings fear of \"revenge of Montezuma.
\"But a law recently approved by lawmakers in Mexico City will require all restaurants to install filters to provide customers with free, apparently drinkable drinking water that does not cause stomach problems and other diseases. ]pullquote]
\"We need to create a water culture,\" he said . \"
Health Minister José Armando Ahued, Mexico City.
\"We need to accept our water.
\"Poor tap water explains to some extent that Mexico is the highest consumer of bottled waterworse —
Soda, about 43 gallons per person per year.
With a nationwide obesity epidemic, the city\'s health department has decided to support the water initiative.
Mexico City officials say that once the bill is signed later this month, 65,000 restaurants will have six months to install filters.
Health inspectors will visit regularly to impose a fine of between $125 and $630 on those who do not comply.
The law does not cover thousands of food stalls on the streets of Mexico City.
Some restaurants already have filters.
Business consultant Jose Frank recently had tortillas with two colleagues from Yucatan, the Zona Rosa tourist area.
They all have bottled water.
\"Every word they say, I dare not drink water.
I don\'t think it\'s safe.
\"I prefer bottled ones,\" Frank said . \"
The general distrust of tap water is not unreasonable.
The 1985-magnitude earthquake in the city caused water pipes and sewers to burst and increased water transmission diseases. Officials accused the water supply of spreading 1990 cholera.
Tourists are still worried that microbes in untreated water can cause diarrhea.
It was such a notorious phenomenon that bad water even starred in a movie called Sex and the city, when Charlotte accidentally opened her mouth while taking a shower at the Mexican resort, resulting in a runny nose.
Mexico City\'s health minister says 95% of the capital\'s drinking water is clean according to daily inspections of chlorine disinfection at various treatment plants.
But experts point out that while Mexico City\'s water leaves the factory in drinkable form, it spreads to consumers through old underground pipes and dirty roof water tanks.
69 gallons for Mexicans (260 liters)
The number of bottled water per person per year, mainly from 5-gallon (20-liter)
Water tanks are transported to restaurants and families by water trucks.
Number in the United StatesS. is 31 gallons (116 liters)
According to Jose Martinez
Robles, New York City-
Consultant based in Beverage MarketingIt\'s not cheap.
In a country with a minimum wage of $5, the price of a large kettle may exceed $2. One-
Water bottles range from 50 cents to $1 per liter.
Giants like France\'s Danone and Coca-Cola
Coca-Cola and Pepsi have found bottled water to be the fastest growing part of their business. Martínez-
Robles estimated bottled.
In 2012, the water market in Mexico reached $5 billion, indicating that it is difficult for Mexicans to change their habits and to believe what is in the faucet, even if the faucet is filtered.
\"This is a huge market,\" he said . \"
\"We don\'t trust our water supply system.
I think it\'s more of a culture than a hygiene.
\"Drinking bottled water in large quantities, however, does not lead to a healthier lifestyle.
Seven out of 10 Mexicans are overweight, surpassing the United States. S.
According to a United Nations report, obesity rates are mainly due to fatty foods and diet with sugary soda.
Legislative commissioner Jorge Gavino believes that asking restaurants to provide free tap water can help Mexicans reduce their size while saving money.
Manuel Gutierrez, president of the Chamber of Commerce for Mexican restaurants, said it was wrong to make the regulation a punishment.
\"Almost every restaurant will give you a glass of water or can if you want it.
\"What we can\'t accept is that if you don\'t give sanctions for free, it should be an obligation and it will be sanctioned,\" Gutierrez said . \".
\"Most customers prefer bottled water.
They will remain vigilant.
\"Louis Najar of the ramargaritas restaurant says UV is installed
Customers at the back of the bar can see the light filter, which changes their drinking habits.
More people want water tanks.
\"We put it here so everyone can see that it is filtered and pure,\" he said . \".
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