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Need to pay attention to not be soup wounded vacuum cup to drink hot water

by:ER Bottle     2020-05-22
Need to pay attention to the details with the vacuum cup to drink boiling water, especially with vacuum cup for the first time. In the usual days. If still want to work, when drinking is very simple for bad habits and hot, so use vacuum cup for the first time, the best is pouring into boiling water, do not cover the lid on, cool a cool drink again, such as insulation function after the bad habit of this glass, normal use. Domestic vacuum cup manufacturers meet first in zhejiang yongkang area. At the time, has become a worthy of the name of the country's largest keep-warm glass production base, annual output value of 10 billion yuan, annual sales of 9 billion yuan, own more than 80% of the market share. Man's mouth the heat temperature is 50 ℃ - 60℃。 In theory, using the vacuum cup to drink boiling water about pay attention to what? The person's mouth to normal temperature is 36. 2℃- 37. 4℃。 50 degrees Celsius temperature, can be very hot bad mouth, but in fact, the body feel very hot very hot food is 60 degrees. Now vacuum insulation function is getting better and better, just burn pour boiling water after vacuum cup, placed along while, still can reach above 70 ℃, water temperature hot enough to the bad guys.
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