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On 2013, when the chief executive of Crystal Fountain announced outside an idle bottling plant here that it would soon produce soda, tea and flavored drinks, officials in sisishikiyu County were glowing
The northern county, once a logging paradise, has long been burdened by high unemployment, and the company\'s purchase of factories outside the town will bring jobs.
But this is not the old Shasta Mountain.
In recent decades, the influx of outdoor enthusiasts, spiritual seekers and urban retirees has attracted the beauty and strength of 14,180 people.
The hidden foot of the East. The glacier-
Layered volcanoes embedded together are the source of most water in California.
Snowmelt penetrates through broken rocks, before reaching Lake Shasta, burst in the clear cold springs below, and Shasta Lake occupies about 40% of the federal Central Valley Project\'s storage supply.
Many people who know this \"politician\"
The \"studded\" incident of the local newspaper, they have no say, which is not correct.
The factory does not have a lid on what it can pump.
Its deep production wells are surrounded by houses that rely on shallow wells. residents believe that when Coca-
Bottle loading operation of cola-
Before that, there was Dannon. was pumping.
Residents raised questions about the environmental hazards of noise, truck traffic and plastic bottles.
Most of the time, they think that the resources in the mountains are better shared by all, rather than being exported for profit.
County and city officials said they had no legal power to request environmental impact reports because the area was zoned heavy industry at the time of the lumber mill and bottled water was allowed to be used in advance.
The representative of the Crystal Fountain said they \"share everyone\'s concerns about the future and have a vested interest in helping to protect a safe and sustainable environment.
But in the fourth year of record, opposition has intensified --
Severe drought reduced snow and strained the city\'s water supply system.
The protest was aimed at commercial bottled business elsewhere.
Although the proportion of California water used by the industry is relatively small, these disputes raise questions about local groundwater management in a state where regulation is known to be weak.
\"We have never said that this plant should not be open,\" said Bruce Hillman, 66, who formed water with 54-year-old resident Roslyn McCoy --
We advocate a thorough environmental review.
\"What we mean is that we need to know what impact it will have so that we can mitigate those effects.
\": Dannong turned the previous factory into a bottling plant in 2001.
Although the concerned citizens helped veto the proposal to build a large Nestlé factory in the nearby McCloud, when Coca
Coke closed down 42 jobs in 2010.
\"From the day after we realized they were going to shut down operations, we were trying to find a way to replace unemployment,\" said Tonya Dowse, managing director of the County Economic Development Committee.
Crystal Fountain in California
As a subsidiary of Japan\'s Otsuka Holdings, we have \"the same value as the community\" and \"because of the availability of resources, this is the quality that suits us,\" said daos.
\"Many people here agree to remember the factory, which\" uses more water, more trucks, and more noise than any bottling facility, \"says Greg Plucker, county director of community development.
\"This is one of the best things that has happened in this town for a long time,\" said insurance agent, former city councillor Ross Portfield.
\"We are looking for an environmental protection company. this is one.
Others are deeply concerned about this.
After reading about the ribbon-
Hillman and McCoy teamed up to push for a public assessment of the project to study the California Environmental Quality Act.
Gateway Stevens is the community contact for the Gateway Community Assn.
The plant is adjacent to the plant and a study has been launched to monitor the groundwater level of the resident Wells, so any adverse effects of the plant will become apparent.
Members of the Winnemem Wintu tribe have also joined the battle, the origin story of which began with the Panthers spring on the mountain flank.
\"I know this county wants to do business,\" said Luisa Navajas, 69, who worked with 64-year-old husband Mark Sanji as a keeper of tribal shrines.
\"But you have to think about your descendants.
The drought exacerbated public anxiety.
In tribal memory, the Panther has dried up for the first time in the past two years. The Mt.
Shasta Ski Park, which attracts winter tourism, cannot be opened.
Cold Spring production in the supply city\'s municipal system fell to a record low, forcing spare wells to work overtime last summer.
Residents who will soon receive water meters are asked to sacrifice.
North of here, Joyce and Chester Kyle also felt the sting of the drought: a ranch-rental ranchers dragged his cows away after the county plumber cut off kyles supply
\"Everyone is suffering, not just the lower half of the state,\" said Joyce Kyle, 77 . \".
\"It\'s wrong to let the crystal fountain in and pump down the groundwater.
Plucker said he understood that residents wanted a say, but that the county\'s \"hands are tied\" unless the company seeks some sort of discretion \".
Meanwhile, the city\'s efforts to release the plant\'s environmental impact report disappeared after the failure of the grant related to the plant.
\"We are trying to make the most of the situation where we have lost our legal influence,\" said Jeffrey Collins, a city council member, who supported the plant but wanted to see it fully reviewed.
In a written reply to the question, a crystal fountain representative said that the factory would first bottle soda water and then add tea and flavored drinks.
The production capacity of the production line will reach an average of 115,000 gallons per day, less than 1% of the production of large springs.
The second production line will eventually increase production to 217,000 gallons per day.
The plant is designed to meet the highest green building standards and will rinse plastic bottles with air rather than water and use a plastic softener that will not break down into neighboring benzene Ester, the company said, this has been shown to cause health problems.
It plans to open later this year with 25 to 35 workers, but will hire 60 first-line workers in full.
Some will be transferred from other crystal fountain plants that are expected to be closed.
The factory will attract large springs tumbling in the city park.
For the first time in decades, the waters have passed through complex cracks and lava tubes believed to be connected to other springs.
The Crystal Fountain company\'s monitoring of the Big Spring Creek over the past year has found that, despite the drought, the changes are small, and the experts retained by the company have confirmed \"sustainability of water sources,\" the representative said.
A new state law requires local regulation of groundwater basins in the coming years, which will not force action here.
State officials say it is not a basin but a low-priority \"water source \".
But many things about the watershed are still unknown.
A regional water management plan developed by local governments and advocacy groups in 2013 said that due to \"little knowledge of geology\", spring\'s ability to withstand drought remains an outstanding issue requiring additional research.
\"Our concerns are huge,\" said Curtis Knight, executive director of the California Trout nonprofit, which aims to restore wild fish and waters in the state.
His message to the Crystal Fountain is: \"If you say there will be no impact then you need to prove that.
You have to mitigate the impact if you have an impact.
\"The problem, he said, is that there may be no way to force companies to do so.
* Most recently, residents gathered on the big spring to fill reusable kettles with drinking water.
\"We see water tables everywhere,\" said John Hawk, a 77-year-old retired librarian . \".
\"If you pull the resources out, you will see the impact on all of us.
The well must be dug deeper.
His concerns were echoed elsewhere.
For decades, Nestle\'s North American waters have been hit by a fire pumping water from the San Bernardino National Forest-
Old permits, bottle from a falling reservoir near kabasong, and take advantage of the municipal water supply in Sacramento.
Starbucks has been criticised for running a bottled water plant in Merced, which said on Thursday it will transfer production of Ethos water to Pennsylvania.
Virginia press secretary Chris Hogan
The International Bottled Water Association is headquartered.
The aversion to the industry, he says, is driven by emotion, not by facts.
Industry research shows that 1.
32 liters of water produces one liter of bottled water, which is very low in the beverage industry.
In California, he says, bottle-bottling workers use only.
02% of the national water supply. (
The Crystal Fountain says it\'s just for use. 00016%. )
Alan harnak, director of the Water Policy Center at the California Institute of Public Policy, agreed that the response to the industry appeared to be out of proportion to its impact.
The bottling plant is no different from other commercial users, she said, and the maximum annual use of crystal fountains is estimated to be less than what is needed for irrigation of 50 acres of alfalfa.
Instead of \"arbitrarily deciding on a particular use,\" she suggested . . . . . . Not good \", it\'s better to make a groundwater management plan, because who can say that joint use will not cause problems?
\"In fact, while the new groundwater law does not require plans for low water levels
Priority areas, which it \"encourages and authorizes\" local jurisdictions to develop these priority areas.
Ed Valenzuela, head of Siskiyou County, said further research into the aquifer may just prove the \"first-line hope\" of the heated dispute \".
He then said, \"it is possible to estimate what can be reasonably taken away. \"lee. romney@latimes.
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