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mum left with horror burns after hot water bottle explodes in bed causing a seizure as she lay in pool of scalding liquid

by:ER Bottle     2020-01-27
A young mother was severely burned after the hot water bottle exploded on her bed and she was lying in a hot liquid pool.
21-year-old Brie Schulz said she \"fainted\" from her pain and had a seizure from her shock.
She was rushed to the hospital and then transferred to a burn specialist ward for treatment of back and hand burns.
The Australian mother from New South Wales Hunter Valley put a hot water bottle filled with fresh boiled water in the kettle on the bed.
When it suddenly exploded, she turned over to her husband\'s bedside.
Brie said: \"So my husband got up from bed and in the heat of the moment I rolled back into the puddle without really thinking.
\"Then I jumped out of bed and when my feet hit the floor, I completely fainted and crashed.
\"It is very painful, as I have never felt before.
\"The lower back, hips and hands of Brie were scalded with three and two degrees of burns.
The young mother faces extensive rehabilitation treatment to restore full use of both hands, which will take months.
Her husband had to leave his job in order to take care of her and their three children --month old son.
During this time, her family will not have any income, and a friend of Brie has set up a GoFundme account to support her family through the recovery of Brie.
She said: \"She knows that it\'s really hard for me to reach out and ask for help, and she knows that we usually do it alone, so I don\'t even know that this is being done.
Brie said the thermos was just bought four months ago.
She released all the excess air as instructed and sealed it properly on the lid.
She hopes sharing her painful experience will prevent others from filling hot water bottles from the kettle, which the manufacturer recommends not to do.
Instead of blaming the bottle maker for what happened, mom advised them to print a clearer warning label and expiration date on the product and make sure the customer is fully aware of the risk.
She said: \"I have done a lot of research since this happened, and I have found a lot of things that I don\'t know, such as the production date on the thermos.
\"But it\'s just a circle with a few points and a number, and people don\'t know what it is or whether it\'s out of date or out of date --of-date.
\"So I just want manufacturers to take responsibility and think about their consumers and make their warning labels clearer.
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