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multiplexes resorting to âx80x98exoticâx80x99 fleecing on bottled water | visakhapatnam news - times of india

by:ER Bottle     2020-01-12
Visakhapatnam: Film customers in the city are annoyed because they are still forced to pay an outrageous fee for a bottle of drinking water in multiple cinemas, despite the central government\'s notice, the magistrate ordered the ban.
Although several complaints have been filed in this regard, TOI has also found
Each bottle of water is sold at a popular complex restaurant in the city center for Rs 60.
However, legal metrology officials say they can\'t do anything right now, because the multiplexing of Vizag avoids the-
Double-priced orders and three times the normal cost of extracting water bottles in a way they call \"special products/packaging.
The water bottles we sell are not ordinary, but Irish brands, specially packaged and therefore more expensive.
While one can argue that the price of a bottle of mineral water on the outside market is only Rs 20;
Let me point out that there are some high-end water bottles outside at a price of Rs 5,000 per liter, the manager of a diversified company in the city who does not wish to be named for good reasons.
We are not addicted to double MRP.
Our water bottles are specially made and packaged and can be purchased by customers.
We don\'t force anyone, added the diversity official.
When TOI informed the Visakhapatnam collector Pravin Kumar of the matter, he asked the Legal Metrology Department to submit a report.
Kumar instructed several theaters in October to stop overcharging food and drinks.
It is shocking that legal metrology officials say they cannot prevent or book cases of excessive use of multiplexing
Charge through this special product route.
We checked the multi-channel broadcast in four cities a few days ago, but we did not find the double
P. Sudhakar, assistant director of legal metrology at Visakhapatnam, said the price or inventory of such products sold at their premises.
In addition, we found that the company is selling a pre-
Packed with international brands of drinking water at MRP 60 rupees.
Our survey shows that this product is not available in low prices or in different open markets.
In fact, it is not available in the local market.
Thus, this cannot be interpreted as a violation of the double pricing rules, the official said, adding that the case could not be registered. Movie-
The audience questioned the purpose of the rules, which did not help customers.
If the rules have such defects, they are easily abused.
The government should put in place strict regulations to stop excessive pricing of ordinary goods like water, a CPA working with a multinational company in Vizag.
It is reported that a recent Supreme Court order allows hotels and restaurants to charge MRP for water bottles because they provide comfort, cutlery, etc.
\"But in multi-channel playback, we have paid extra for the comfortable environment we use in the form of expensive tickets,\" Srinivas said . \".
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