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Market vacuum mixed choose keep-warm glass has a trick

by:ER Bottle     2020-05-18
In the face of so many keep-warm glass brand on the market, which is the best heat preservation effect of the glass? You don't ask merchants, so-called every potter praises his pot, no one will say they sell glass insulation effect and the quality is the best. So you also should be rational to select vacuum cup. In the cold winter, can at any time to drink a cup of hot water for a lot of outdoor work, how fun it is one thing, but in reality, they are not likely to wherever they can hit a cup of hot water, even from home, also because of the use of common glass or quality more bad of the vacuum cup, not a few minutes to cool off. So what should be paid attention to choose vacuum cup: 1, the brand of the cup, but is by no means the more expensive the better, cost-effective products is really good. Brand from now on the market of vacuum cup, vacuum cup brand is absolutely at the head of brand, is the cup in keep-warm glass production in the industry for more than ten years, has always maintained a superior quality and excellent service attitude, well received by vast consumers. 2, don't just see weight. Generally people think keep-warm glass is heavier, explain quality is better, the better heat preservation effect, actually this view is wrong. Glass is mainly because the manufacturer to inside such as a disk, used for magnetization water quality, this kind of cup and even health care cup, and is absolutely not vacuum cup, because the real temperature is commonly by vacuum thermal insulation. 3, to see whether the vacuum cup is a real vacuum, because we all know, the air has a certain effect of thermal conductivity, and under the vacuum state, the temperature is not passed, so the temperature of heat preservation effect is good, the most important thing is to look at his vacuum degree. And identify the vacuum degree of the simplest way is to pour hot water into the cup, later to touch a cup body and the bottom of the cup to have fever, the low temperature of the glass, its heat preservation and heat insulation effect is better. 4, the quality of the cup and whether factory production technology standard, basically see appearance, from the bowl to the cup bottom whether some lines, who looks one integrated mass of the cup type, its service life is generally longer than with welding mark cup. And because are one-piece skills, the possibility of leakage than there are welding mark cup probability is small. Around the vacuum market and can meet the requirements of the above points keep-warm glass is few, and the vacuum cup for its high quality materials and advanced level of production technology to produce vacuum cup, heat preservation time of up to six hours, in the heat preservation.
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