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Living conditions: vacuum cup soya-bean milk should not be more than 4 hours

by:ER Bottle     2020-05-19
Living conditions: temperature sheng soya-bean milk should not be more than 4 hours and a lot of families use soybean milk machine homemade soya-bean milk, drink a cup of soya-bean milk every morning, affordable and convenient health. Many commuters still like grinding more soya-bean milk, will drink soya-bean milk left in the filling of large vacuum cup, back to the office as a daily drink for a day. Nutritionists believe that working with soya-bean milk, it is better to drink within 4 hours, otherwise, the soybean milk is easy to deteriorate, after drinking will affect health. Soybean milk is rich in plant protein, nutrition is rich, but also easy to cause bacteria multiply, so the soya-bean milk best grinding to drink now now, room temperature should be finished within two hours. If stored in a vacuum, soya-bean milk temperature slow cooling, in 50 ~ 60 degrees Celsius, the temperature becomes the best bacteria culture, after a lot of bacteria breeding is not a significant corruption, light on people's sense of taste can not tell, easy to drink bad stomach. In addition, if not stainless steel tank vacuum cup, to some of the soybean milk, such as Angle of saponin can dissolve keep-warm glass walls of the tank scale, often drink adverse to the body.
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