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Let's face it. If you are spending your hard earned

by:ER Bottle     2020-07-24
Think about it, these are some of the most demanding sports that any athlete can endure. Since you demand the most from the sport, you should demand that your equipment perform the best, last the longest, and look the greatest while you are using it. Lesser materials or workmanship could leave you in a bad location with a bad situation. Never a good thought. The people at DaKine know all this and have developed the Heli Pro series of packs with all this in mind. There are other styles, rest assured. But, the Heli Pro DLX is the one that will surely catch your eye. A must for your wish list. DaKine also got Eric Pollard to come in and throw an idea down with their designers and in a flash they had the Heli Pro DLX - Eric Pollard. Virtually identical in every aspect to the DLX, excepting Eric's unique eye for color and graphics. Built for those who truly love skiing, there are multiple ways to carry a board. Skis can easily be secured using ski carries that will retract when you don't need them. Special spots for the tools and equipment you'll need, like the easily accessible quick draw ice axe sleeve. There's also an external pocket for other tools or a snow shovel. The waist belt is nicely padded for extra comfort and there are pockets for your goggles and sunglasses, both are fleece lined to protect your lenses from scratches. There's a pocket for your water bottle or you can purchase an optional reservoir that fits an insulated pocket in the pack. The whole package comes in at a lightweight 3 pounds, how's that for keeping your load lighter? The size of the Heli Pro's works nicely, too. At 21' long, 11' wide. and 5.5' deep it has a capacity of 1200 cubic inches. If a person isn't inclined toward Eric's sense of color they aren't stuck with just a couple of alternatives either. There is sure to be a color that will please your sense of fashion, and there are colors for the girls too, not just the guys. At Dakine they know that in alternative and extreme sports the demands can wear on equipment pretty fast. So they make their packs from 600D polyester for durability. They insure that every pack they sell is only the highest quality workmanship and every seam and liner is inspected. As a subsidiary of Billabong there is a long tradition of only the highest quality products being handed to the customer. A tradition they aren't intending to break.
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