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let\'s do lunch boxes

by:ER Bottle     2020-01-20
Historians looking for the pre-explosion of licensed goods today are likely to pay special attention to the school lunch box.
1950 is an epoch-making year.
Aladdin Industries in Nashville made a stone steel lunch box with legendary TV cowboy Hopalong (
The thermos bottle inside has matching decals)
Sold 600,000 of it.
Three years later, Norwich\'s thermos in the United States.
Lunch boxes for Roy Rogers and Dale Evans.
The modern era of authorization
Role marketing has begun.
Collectors are not surprised to be far ahead of historians in this matter, paying real money for these amazing tacky American artworks from their seventies.
In a landmark lunch box sale last spring, a 50-year-old bought the same Hoppy lunch box for nearly $300 ($2. 39 when new).
But in that auction, the real prize was a much smaller 1954 Superman lunch boxes made by Adco Liberty, which ended up falling for $11,500. -
This is the highest auction price for lunch boxes ever.
First, a little history.
In the 20 th century, it was a worker, not a child, with a lunch box ---
Mainly ordinary metal lunch barrels or foldable metal boxes.
Smart guy from American Thermos
The first metal lunch box was made for the children in 1920, thinking it was a good tool for their vacuum bottles.
Then, in 1935, the first cartoon
A character box appears.
Not surprisingly, it depicts Mickey Mouse. The four-
Geuder, Paeschke & Frey Co. made the color flat steel box.
If you can find one today, you may pay nearly $1,300 for it.
Enter the golden age of Hopalong Cassidy and metal lunch boxes in 1950.
This continued until a group of angry Florida mothers in their 70 s successfully lobbied the state to ban such behavior: the children found out late, the metal lunch box is a very effective device to crack down on other children. (
No one at the time had the ability to counter the popular gun lobbying argument: \"Lunch boxes don\'t hit kids, kids do. \")
Thus, the vinyl lunch box appears, and it is understandable that it has never shaken the meaning of its maiden.
While the metal lunch boxes have been phased out, manufacturers have introduced nearly 600 new vinyl designs.
The last metal lunch box before the recent revival was 1985 Lambo. Nuff said. Serious lunch-
Box collection began in their 70 s.
Through 1987 newsletters and books on lunch
The box collection is rich and the price list records an active and organized market.
Victoria and Stephen monticfiore began collecting in 1990, and their more than 200 collections sold in Skinner, Boston, almost determined today\'s market conditions: 1965 of vinyl peanuts cost $230, the 1968 Star Trek cost $920, and the 1963 vinyl Barbie and Midge cost only $104. But 1965 of the Beatles katerdle kit, which is also vinyl, manages $978.
The £ 1962 Bullwinkle was sold for $2,300.
However, the sale was not a complete victory for the monticfiores.
Victoria Montifiore prefers vinyl boxes, but many of them are sold at a loss.
She paid $1,500 for Pete\'s picture party, but didn\'t find a buyer at Skinner\'s auction.
Most metal boxes sell well, but there are also some that sell less than $100. For would-
The lesson of selling as a collector seems clear: stick with macho metal lunch boxes and remember certain things.
The box without the original thermos bottle is worth about half.
The price of the box designed by superstar Robert Burton was high, and he made dozens of lunch boxes and many commercial designs such as the Kentucky Fried Chicken logo.
For boxes where paint fades, rust, dents or scratches, the price is low.
If you have the feeling of winning against the trend
However, when fishing, you can get a flyer on the colored vinyl box and the brunch bag.
That 1963 Barbie and Midge could be a great purchase-and-hold.
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